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Anyone here attend or graduate Ocean County Community College? They boast that they graduate more nurses than any other community college in NJ.... Read More

  1. by   DebanamRN
    I did go thru the OCVTS LPN program. It's a great program, but very hard. The enterance exam wasn't that hard. I didn't study for it, but from what I remember, it was a pretty generalized test. It's been so long since I took it that I really don't remember. Most of our clinicals were at Community Medical Center. Just be prepared, its a very, very intense program. You have to commit to it. You may have 2-3 tests per day, no time for yourself, no social life, nothing. This is nursing school in general, however. One thing to consider is that Ocean County College no longer lets LPN bridge to the RN, meaning you have to do all 4 semesters instead of just 2. If you need a program that is quick and has a good income at the end of it, go for the LPN. If you have the time, do the RN.

    Let me know if you have any more questions:wink2:
  2. by   jnc0713
    if occ doesnt do a bridge why do then show it on their website and why did the advisor suggest it???? it really doesnt matter to me. For my personal situation doing the lpn first makes sense, i have about half of the pre reqs done for the rn. but wanted to get in the field a little quicker and i've heard the wait for occ is about 2yrs. dont want to wait that long. I have my a & p classes done so the lady at ocvts said i wont have to take their tests just sit in on the class. I figure going for the lpn will make me that much more prepared for the rn. thanks for your response
  3. by   newgradERrn
    Anyone in the ODPW program, i'm curious how the exam works. Also I have a fundamentals of nursing book from someone it's 7th edition, the current edition they are selling at the bookstore is the 8th edition. Does it make a difference for the exams? Are they online, multiple choice, essay, are they timed?
  4. by   EMT119
    Hey Tsangia,
    Regarding exams in the ODPW program, they are pencil and paper, multiple choice with some open ended questions. Usually they are 80-100 questions in length, final is longer. Only one professor gave us computerized multiple choice and open ended exams. There is a time limit, but very few people actually need the whole amount. You'll usually have four exams each semester, followed by a cumulative final. There will also be a medication calculation exam each semester that you must pass above a certain threshold to continue (75% in the first semester). The edition of the fundies book won't matter too much. Page numbers may be slightly different but the content is the same. I hope this helps, feel free to message me if you need anything. Good luck!!