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  1. by   grceRN25
    i just wanna cry..
  2. by   xxryu139xx
    one piece of advice, when u get the go ahead for a fingerprint appointment, schedule it right away. i procrastinated a few days and discovered that the earliest date available was at least two weeks away. what is ironic is that it only took 1 minute to take my fingerprints.
  3. by   grceRN25
    why it tookk you two weeks to get ur finger print..? i am really sad.. i want that job.
  4. by   xxryu139xx
    its also dependent on how fast california sends nj bon ur license verification. hopefully cali already sent it in
  5. by   grceRN25
    oh i called cali they process their papers 6-8 weeks. ive sent my verification nov 22. same time as application packet for nj. i need my license before jan 25 just incase i need get the job.. u think it should be out by then? im shoping i mean i dont have any further delay since i never had any experience working as a nurse.. so no criminal bad background at all...or what so ever they wanna find out.. sigh.
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    The delay for fingerprinting is because Sagem Morpho does all the fingerprinting for various NJ state agencies. Appointments are snatched up quickly. I went to register as soon as I had the request in my hands and the closest date within 45 miles was 11 days away. The local center did not accept walk-ins, appointment only (as several who tried to skip the online registration found out when they came the day I was fingerprinted). It takes about 2 weeks for the full background check to come back from the state & federal government, then the BoN reviews the report & your application and makes a decision as to whether to grant a NJ nursing license. With the holidays there will likely be additional delays as some offices are closed Dec 23, 26, 30, and Jan 2.

    Having no nursing experience is not relevant to the background check; any arrest, charge or conviction from any point in your life (minor or adult) is what they are looking for. Your nursing history is from the sending BoN indicating whether your license is clean & active. If you are in default on student loans or child support, even if you have no criminal history and a perfect record as a nurse, you can be denied a nursing license.

    So if they entered your application this week, about 2 weeks to get the fingerprint request, 2 weeks for the appointment, and 2 weeks for the report & review....guesstimate about 6 weeks?

    Have you tried contacting your future employer to see if you can push back your start date? They may let you complete orientation while waiting on your license.
  7. by   kp21
    Do you guys think it's better to hand deliver the application for endorsement to NJ? Will it expedite the process?
  8. by   Merlyn
    Quote from NYSNOWBUNNY007
    ok.. I applied in June of this year...and i FINALLY got my license issued Nov 2...application for endorsement...NJ is the WORSE state ever to deal with when it comes to applying for endorsement...they take FOREVER...please make sure you fill out everything and call them to ask if they received everything from finger printing cards to the check...I called and they claimed they never received my check in the package...they lied it was there and they misplaced it ...how do i know i received the original check back in my mail box "check was cancelled" ...So I had to send another check...when you do mail everything give it about three weeks for each step...you send in the original app...takes approx 3 weeks to process...then you send them the finger print cards...takes them three weeks to send to FBI and its now taking the FBI 3-6 weeks to process background check and report to NJSBON your clearance...make sure when they do send the finger print cards to the FBI you call the FBI to verify it has actually been received..B/c NJ will tell you they sent it and they didnt...get my frustration with NJ?...lol..send in everything as soon as possible follow up with phone calls...MANY phone calls...stay on top of them and hopefully you can get your License in three months...but on average now its anywhere from 3-6 months...
    two reasons NJ is so slow:
    1. We are very selective. We just don't let any Idiot nurse in our state. Only the highest grade of Idiot we let nurse in our State.

    2. Affirmative action. The State of New Jersey does not decimated just because of Race, Creed or Color but also ability. We have a lot of Flying Monkeys working at the BON. you can not call them. No one answers because they don't know what a telephone is anyway. E-mail that's a good idea. They keep looking at the mail box out side of the building. I'm still waiting for and answer from an email I sent them two years ago When you sent your application in, that means that Bobo had to get off of his tire, signal for Zippy to stop dance for the organ grinder and process your license. It's hard for Zippy. He only knows two words,"Sun Good"
    Zippy should send you your NJ License in four to eight weeks.