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  1. hi everyone! i just passed my NCLEX (NY) this month (07/12) and interested in endorsing my license to NJ since i am currently residing here.
    I have two questions:

    1st, if i endorse my license from NY to NJ, will i be still eligible to work in NY? (new york is a great state & i don't want to lose this working eligibility as an RN)
    2nd, can somebody give me an idea on how to endorse my license to NJ? (short summary, steps, cost & for how long)
    gladly appreciate the help! thank you
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    You will have two licenses one for NY & NJ once endorsement is complete, so yes you can work in either state. You can hold multiple nursing licenses as long as you meet the criteria (i.e. continuing education, specific courses, etc.)

    How long for endorsement right now is any one's guess as the BoN is undergoing some process changes right now. Here's a link to the NJ BoN endorsement application: New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs - Board of Nursing PDF version: (Assuming you were educated within the US. It is my understanding that the process is going to be changing for internationally educated nurses endorsing another US license to NJ as CES may be required. You'll need to contact the NJ BoN to confirm whether you can use the standard endorsement application if you are an internationally educated nurse.)

    You can now apply online. There is cost for the background check and fingerprinting (about $80 if you have not been fingerprinted for the dept of consumer affairs since 2003), verification of your NY license (I believe NY participates in NURSYS so the cost is about $40 for verification), and NJ Application Fee for Endorsement of License ($200).
  4. by   mahoroty22
    thank you very much.. very helpful indeed! i'll probably think about it since i'm an international grad.. if its going to take quite some time, then i'll just have to go with NY. thnk you again
  5. by   yeszikring_07
    hi mahoroty22,

    I am a Philippine RN, still here in the phil, however, I might already be there in NJ May or June 2013. So, I am planning now to apply for NCLEX, but I'm still confused on which state to apply, NY or NJ, since they have different requirement from cgfns. Although reciprocity can be applied for both state.. can you give me an advise where it could be better when it comes to requirements, each state's processing period, and demand of nurses. One of my goals is to become a licensed nurse someday in both states, which state has a lesser requirement when it comes to reciprocity?

    I hope you could have time to reply as soon as you can.

    It will be a big help.

    God bless us and goodluck to our career!
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    There is not a high demand for inexperienced nurses in NY or NJ. Unemployment is high in both states and while quite a few facilities are understaffed, they are quite often not hiring to replace nurses that left for whatever reason.

    You should apply for a license in the state you wish to live and/or work. Internationally educated nurses have to complete the same requirements whether they are endorsing or applying for license by examination so looking for the state with the "easiest" requirements isn't always the most economical option. I understand NY processing can take up to a year. NJ is pretty long also right now for in state educated/resident applicants now as the system has been revised recently. Those applying from out of state/country can take even longer.
  7. by   Samichaa
    Hi, mahoroty22.
    I am facing the same situation as you did. How did you endorse ur license from NY-NJ? would you like to share ur experiences?
    Thank you for ur help!
  8. by   Princessjamms
    Anyone applied for reciprocity from ny to nj yet? Id like to know the process
  9. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from Princessjamms
    Anyone applied for reciprocity from ny to nj yet? Id like to know the process
    There is no reciprocity except passing the NCLEX. You apply for a nursing license by endorsement. If an IEN you need to provide CES report and proof of English language competency
  10. by   Princessjamms
    Thank you for your response!

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