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  1. Hi,
    I've been a lurker of this site, but now I decided to sign up. Anyway, I need help, if you were in my shoes. Here's the situation, I took the teas exam at Eastwick College Paramus (without Science part), but I failed, the same day I took the same test (with Science) at Lincoln Tech Institute the next day I was told I passed. Now, the tuition in EA is $24,000, in LTI is 28,000. I am not eligible for financial aid, but my mom will help me pay for it and do a payment plan. That's the only way.

    I live in jersey city, I don't have a car so I know I only have a choice of public transportation and will take me about 1 1/2 to get to either EA or LTI by bus, which I don't mind. Now, I don't know if I should enroll on LTI since I passed it or wait 30 days and see if I will pass EA's teas exam.

    I wanted to get in this coming April.

    There's also 16 months-LPN in Manhattan, Mildred Elley, which is 30 mins train away, their tuition is 31,000. The admission rep keep calling me and telling me I could take CNA for a less expensive tuition. They ad rep has been there for a month, that's why I think he/she keeps calling me. I kind of cross that to my list.

    So please, I need help.
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  3. by   Scarlo
    If EA is your first choice, then wait the 30 days to retake it. If I'm reading it right, the only difference between the 2 schools sounds like it's 4K. To me, 1.5 hours one way is a long trip, but if you're motivated enough to do it consistently throughout the program, then bravo!

    The rep at the school closer to you sounds like she's just trying to get you enrolled in anything she can to make a quota. If you want to be an LPN, then that is what you should do. At least as an LPN, in the future, you can enroll in an LPN to RN program and receive credit.
  4. by   kristin_jsv
    @ Pink Rabbit
    thank you so much for your reply and for your help. I really need to think this thoroughly since it's not only for me but also for my mom. I have to be consistent and persistent for her.

    Yes, that's what my aunt told me. I mean it's a beautiful school, mildred elley, but they shouldn't be like that just to make a quota.
  5. by   MTmomofsix
    I'm at LTI in South Jersey. I am almost done my first term there. I like the school so far. My first thought that jumped out at me was the 1.5 hour ride by bus. You can certainly use that time to study, study and study some more. In fact, I got my first 100 on a mineral test and it happened because I sat in my son's eye dr. waiting room waiting to be called back! There are girls in my class that tape record the lectures and you could also re-listen on your way home.
    If you are determined enough you could make that work to your benefit.
  6. by   gigismom41703
    I can't believe how expensive those programs are! I am going to Morris County Vo-Tech in Denville and it is only 8K for in county and 9K for out of county residents. Is there anything like this in Hudson County, or even Essex which you would be able to take the train?? You might want to look into it, Good luck
  7. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    I would try and wait the 30 days for EA since that is your first choice. I go to LTI in Philadelphia and believe in me, they are very disorganized, ghetto, out of control, filled with a lot of immaturity and drama and to top it off, saving 4,000 would be a great benefit. An 1 1/2 ride seems very long but like someone else said, if you are motivated then do it, you can do it. As far as the CNA, once you get the 1st semester out of the way at the LPN program, you could sit for your CNA and take the exam and work while you are in school.

    One more thing, be careful about Lincoln Tech because a few teachers and students in my program were talking about one of the LTI in NJ being on probation because of the students not passing their state boards so check into the one you are signed up for. Good luck and keeep us updated
  8. by   MTmomofsix
    Man i hope it's not the one in moorestown! The facility is really nice, but i know they are having problems with their day program and pass/fail ratio.