NEED ADVICE How to talk to NJ BON to get my license

  1. I passed my NCLEX RN nov 9,2017. And it's been nearly two months now and still no license from NJ BON.
    The first time I called they said my fingerprints expired so I followed their instructions to renew my fingerprints then I waited a week like they said. Still nothing. I called again three times a week and the call center agents tell me something different every time and basically told me wait another 7-10days. This has been going on since mid November TIL now. I'm already emailing with a licensing supervisor who told me that I was missing a us passport which shocked me so I called the consumer affairs and the call center told me that my files was complete already and that I should be licensed already but yet the supervisor of licensing department, emailed me saying that the call centers have no control over files and that she'll get back to me.

    I honestly am NOT waiting another how many weeks they tell me or just sit around and wait for this -------------- lady to call me cuz these people never call you back unless you annoy them.

    I emailed her the urgency of my situation due to two hospitals already waiting for my license number and I lost job opportunities already since it's taking so long. I'm so frustrated with them already. I filed a complaint even. Idk how to get my license!!!please help!!!

    who do I talk to?? Who do I call ?? Do I go there in Newark to talk to them?
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  3. by   Nurse Inferno
    I understand your frustration. I passed the NCLEX on November 2nd, 2017 and still no license number. I have also lost two jobs due to not having a license number. I just recently found the executive director's e-mail address and I am preparing an e-mail to send to her.

    Send an e-mail to ------------------
    Hope this helps.
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  4. by   Nurse Inferno
    Or to the administrative assistant.
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  5. by   dianah
    Website: NJDCAAPP

    Hope you hear something soon!
  6. by   teejayyy
    Oh okay. Her email to me stated she was supervisor apparently
  7. by   teejayyy
    Solved my problem just by driving up to Newark! I got my license within ten minutes!
  8. by   Nurse Inferno
    Congratulations! Who did you talk to?
  9. by   teejayyy
    Just the person at the front desk! I told her my situation then she just did the rest! Ten mins later she told me they posted my number on their website!

    Just bring your documents in case they need something from you. They re scanned my passport
  10. by   jaclynmarie88
    Hi I am in the same situation!! I can't find -------------- or -------------- emails could you please send them to me ? Thank you
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  11. by   RobFromNJ
    Rn licensing should really be automated. Think of all the money you've lost because the government can't do their job right.
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