Muhlenburg Nursing program vs Middlesex County College

  1. Can I please get some feedback from anyone in either of these programs, or if anyone has an opinion of which school is the better choice?

    I have been accepted to both schools Fall 2011 program and have a major decision to make very quickly...I took MCC's test in Feb.but never really expected to pass or get in as I have heard the wait is ridiculous. At the same time I had also applied to Muhlenburg thinking I had a better chance.I received my acceptance letter to MCC in April at the same time I was about to take the TEAS for Muhlenburg. I had already paid for the test, so I took that also. I have already sent in my application fee for MCC and just found out today that I have also been accepted to Muhlenburg...I am so confused!

    Muhlenburgs course schedule would be better for me, but it would cost me double to attend as I am out of county. MCC only has daytime clinicals which would make it difficult for me to work and I own a home and live alone.

    Does 1 school carry an advantage over the other? HELP! Need some serious feedback soon if anyone has any...

    Thank You!!!
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    I only have experience with MCC, and the negative attitude and "holier than thou" attitude among the nursing staff is unbearable. Unless it's due to personal reasons, nearly EVERYONE passes the first core nursing course (Fundamentals). In the spring, the second core nursing course is the "weeding out" course--more than 40% of students fail out. This course is "team taught" by different instructors in the department, and they "pool" their respective questions onto exams. Most of the time, a blind guess will give you a chance to score the question correctly. They'll lay the "Oh we're preparing you for the NCLEX" spiel, and it wears thin. I don't know if the policy has changed, but to essentially pass the nursing program, you have to pass one FINAL "mock" test. Seriously.

    It's true, the competiton to get into the program is insane. But after 2 years with your fellow students, you have to wonder how some of them got into the program. Connections, probably. It's known that the "attitude problem" of the students is just as bad as the faculty. And the adjunct clinical instructors--well, I won't even go there. More times than not, they don't come back after a semester.

    The nursing program at MCC is the former staff at the closed Charles E. Gregory School. They really haven't warmed up to the atmosphere of the college, and they live in their own world. Some instructors can be lovely, others you pray you're not stuck with.
  5. by   stefany
    Did you choose? I was in same situation with the 2 schools, curious which you chose.
  6. by   Lee17
    Yes...MCC...Was able to get the full amount of a Pell Grant if I have 12 credits which was the deciding factor...It doesn't cover everything but 1/2 the tuition for Fall & Spring is better than nothing...Because Muhlenburg is a private school it doesn't really qualify for any gov. grants.Muhlenburg's financial package was a $500 grant each semester,+ loans.So for me the financial difference with the grant from MCC made more sense as it brought my out of pocket cost down further when compared to Muhlenburgs overall out of county costs.Still not sure I made the right decission as MCC leaves no room for error.

    What was your final choice and when do you start?
  7. by   GonRidin
    Looks like I'll be seeing you in the fall... Congrats!
  8. by   Lee17
    Fall it is...Are you taking any other classes in the Fall besides 121 and which section are you signed up for? What was your deciding factor for MCC, as I am curious also?
  9. by   GonRidin
    I'm in section 1. The only other class I'll be taking is the computer class. I finished everything else except the nutrition class, but we can't take that until next year. I planned on applying to other schools but only ended up applying to middlesex. I was pretty sure I'd get accepted and I didn't feel like getting recommendation letters for the other schools, lol.
  10. by   Lee17
    I got you...My letters were no big deal and I had heard the wait was so long at MCC I wasn't sure I would get in...I actually took the test more to prepare for Muhlenburgs,lol. I am in section 07 as I wanted a later start on 1 day so I could work in the evening if needed and still get some sleep...I still have Micro. to take in the Fall, Mon. & Weds. night. Then I would still need the computer course, nutrition and a health or phys.ed...Who was your Micro. prof. and did you like them?Debating on taking Golf for 7 wks. to get the Phys.ed out of the way,lol! Well, good luck to both of us,should be an interesting semester!
  11. by   GonRidin
    For micro I had Gina Conforti, or DiGoia, not sure which name shows up when registering. She was good, the class seemed easy and fun. I took swimming for phys ed at the beginning of the summer. It was nice to come home from work on a hot day and go swimming, lol. Golf sounds fun though, that would have been my second choice.