Monmouth Medical Center--Pharmacology Exam for new hire

  1. Hi everyone! I recently accepted a position at Monmouth Medical Center, and need to take the pharmacology exam before my start date. It's been many years since I've taken one of these, and I'm honestly terrified by the fact that it's 50 questions in length, and I can get no more than 2 calculation questions wrong--more than 2 is an automatic failure and one re-take is allowed. I'm getting all stressed out and nauseous over this....Has anyone on here taken the exam?
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  3. by   ln346392
    Hello! I have also accepted a position at Monmouth-- any helpful pointers in taking the pharm exam? thanks!!
  4. by   melissam529
    I just applied to a job at MMC and saw about a pharm exam and got scared. Good luck and let me know how it goes? Also do you know if it is like that at all barnabas jobs?
  5. by   bymysoul2squeeze
    its like that at all st barnabas jobs. i accepted an offer at newark beth and took the exam, mine was a little different because it was for behavioral health but the dosage calculations were the same. it wasnt unreasonable and you get to use the drug book
  6. by   Becca5688RN
    do you know if you get to use the drug book at Community Medical Center, which is part of Barnabas Health?
  7. by   Becca5688RN
    Hi, how was the exam? I am scheduled to take it this this thursday. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  8. by   miss salubrius
    Hi eveyone. I have an interview at MMC next week. Any tips on how the process is? I have been trying to find info on them but most of the threads only have a comment or two tops. I really want this job and I am preparing like crazy for the interview.
  9. by   CBreezey
    How did you interview with MMC go? I've applied to them, but I never hear back.