Job Corp Lpn ?

  1. Hi there! i am considering joining the job corp, i meet the age and income criteria, i was wondering if anyone had done the LPn program through them. any thoughts, experiences, advice would be fantastic! thanks guys!:heartbeat
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    We have something similar in this area called "BOCES."

    I think it's a fabulous opportunity to get your tuition paid and into a job from which you can advance if you continue your education. And in NJ Excelsior is accepted so you could complete the RN on-line afterwards.
  4. by   xtina122187
    what is this "BOCES" you speak of, is it like job corp where they will dorm u and stuff, im from mass so i would need housing , a part time job, and all that jazz
  5. by   SuesquatchRN
    Tina, BOCES is limited to NYS residents.
  6. by   Mya87
    I was inquiring about that program a while ago. It was said to me that you had to go through their CNA program that is is like 6 months long (they extend it) and then once you finish that then you can go actually do their LPN program. You have one of two ways o doing it, you can either go through Morris County College (if you are going to the Edison program) or you can apply to another Job Corp location and complete it there. Unfortunately, the last time I checked you couldn't just do the LPN program by itself you had to the CNA program to qualify for their LPN program.