Jersey College School of Nursing

  1. I just got accepted into Jersey College which use to be Center for Allied Health and Nursing. I will be attending orientation on Feb 6 and start date on Feb 10. Are any of you enrolled in this school and what are your feelings about the LPN-RN program.
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  3. by   lpn1986
    Hey! How did u get into this school? Did u have to take an entrance exam?
  4. by   RNWANDABE
    Hi barnes760 how is the school going? I just sent in all my info to the school was it hard to get in?
  5. by   blue82
    Looking into this school as well.....would you recommend??
  6. by   RNWANDABE
    Hi all I got into the accepted into the school...
  7. by   blue82 is it?
    looking into the school myself
  8. by   delimare
    Quote from RNWANDABE
    Hi all I got into the accepted into the school...
    hi. how is the school so far. I am looking forward to get to that school but I can't get any feedback of anyone who went there.
  9. by   Channychan1
    Im also looking into starting this school dec 29th! I cant find any reviews on it! Im excited to start but I wanna know what im getting myself into!! Teachers also students! Is it hard?! ETC... I will be driving a hour every morning to school is it worth it?!
  10. by   blue82
    Do you know if the school still offers the evening program for the Lpn-rn program?
  11. by   Cekwem
    Please don't go to that sch, the don't cre about the warfare of their students, it is all about money making!
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  12. by   Cekwem
    Especially the Ewing campus
  13. by   Cekwem
    Please they are better schools around you will regret going there save ur self from stress , save ur time and money and go to another sch that will have respect for you as a student.not jersey college especially Ewing campus!!!
  14. by   blue82
    thanks...i wonder about the one in Teterboro....are you currently still enrolled?

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