I'm having an interview at St.Joseph's and Virtua Memorial !

  1. hello to all,
    I am having an interview at St.Joseph's in Peterson NJ and as well in Virtua Memorial Hospital at Mt.Holly .Please let me know anything helpful about these facilities ,as well what to expect on the interview !
    thank you in advance !
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  3. by   romashkarn
    anyone here to help ?
  4. by   froggg123
    I work for Virtua, the only thing that I think is really important to know is that you need to pass the PBDS test, they will give you a brochure on it at the interview.

    I dont know any specifics that would help out, sorry.
  5. by   romashkarn
    Thank you so much for the info,
    I understood that is pharmacology test right ? Test will be on the interview itself or later I got to go for a test after ?
  6. by   froggg123
    Performance Based Development System:
    you basically watch a video and "diagnosis" the pt and say what you would do as the nurse to treat the patient

    ie - this pt is having a MI I would ...... and then the reasons why you did what you did.
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  7. by   romashkarn
    thanks again ,
    the test will be at the time of the interview or some other day ? do you know ? please let me know
    I am alredy scared some other people said on this forum that test may take from 6-8 hours ?
    thanks again...
  8. by   romashkarn
    O, thank God
    I saw your reply regarding will test ...thank God they let you retake it if you need to ...I tought that is another NCLEX ( you know 6-8 hours) NCLEX only took me 2 hours and I pass from the first time ....
    Thanks again and I saw some good reviews about Virtua so hopefuly I will like to work there as well
  9. by   froggg123
    the test is during orientation
  10. by   romashkarn
    thank you so much again
  11. by   NurseNicoleRN
    i work for virtua memorial and you take pbds during orientation....i you fail they give you critical thinking classes and you get to reatke it one more time