How long will it take to endorse a license from NMI to New Jersey?

  1. I have an NMI license and i need to endorse it to New Jersey as i have an employer from new jersey. I just want to know how many weeks or maybe months will it take so that i can plan things through. Thank you so much guys in advance.
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  3. by   ShamicaLPN
    My process went pretty fast tbh I paid the 1/27 (a Saturday) I called that Monday & they had already mailed out my fingerprint paperwork I got that Friday 2/2 got my fingerprints done 2/6 they received them 2/8. I had to verify from PA which isn't a part of NURSYS. I paid for their verification 2/8 & it was sent 2/16. I checked today all my requirements are complete. I plan on driving there tomorrow & after reading previous posts I should be leaving with my license. Less than a month
  4. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Did you attend school in the US or overseas? Overseas takes 3-6 months due to credentials verification
  5. by   bkhadijah
    I waited right around 13 weeks. My experience was recent.