How long do you have to wait for OFFICIAL RESULTS?

  1. im still waiting for my official results from the BON. i took my test feb 16th. till now i havent recieved my results in the mail. i want to get a hold of my print out so i know which areas to concentrate on studying. how many weeks does it take for them to send it out, after you take the test?
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  3. by   NJRN33
    The BON takes anywhere 4-8weeks to send you the results. If you want to know how you did or if you've passed the NCLEX go back to pearson vue website and try to register, if it doesn't let you register that means you've passed. If it lets you register and brings you to the credit card screen that means you didn't make it this time. Another way would be for you to pay a $7.95 fee to see the results on Pearson vue.Good luck hun I hope you passed
  4. by   Mazee
    thank njrn. i already know i failed from pearsonvue (paid $7.95) . but i just want to see right away what i need help on. my weakest and strongest points. im studying again and need some direction on how to go at it again...
  5. by   NJRN33
    Aww I'm so sorry to hear thatRemember practice lots of priority questions if you need help pm meAnd I'll give you a few extra tips
  6. by   Mazee
    Thank you and ill take u up on that offer if i need anything. I wont give up no matter how many times i fail. It's just a bump on the road. If god puts me to it, he'll put me through it.. =)
  7. by   Dumplins
    dont remember how long it took me to get those results. but i remember it took a very long time. dont wait for it. honestly, it's very vague and wont tell you much. nothing that you dont know you're already weak in.