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  1. Hello,

    I am a New Yorker doing my pre-reqs here in brooklyn, and am looking to apply to Holy Name Hospital once I'm finished with my pre-reqs. With all of the difficulties everyone is having getting into a nursing program here in nyc, Jersey would be my next best choice. The competition out here in NYC is just ridiculous plus I have family in Teaneck so it would be nice to see them more often too.

    I wanted to know what time/ or what does the schedule look like for their rn program. By the time I apply to their program my kids will be 5 and 9 and I will have to drop them at school / and or make arrangements.

    So I was wondering what time do you have to be in class and what time is class/ clinicals finished? Also, it says on their website that transfer students are an exception for having to take the pre-entrance exam - any truth to this? Also, I heard that most of their clinicals are done on-site at the hospital (which would be wonderful), can anyone please tell me about their experience there?

    Cee Cee
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    Just a suggestion....you should post this on the New Jersey thread. Might get more responses from there. :spin:
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