Helene Fuld Nursing School

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    Can anyone tell me about their program? Would you recommend it?

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  3. by   daisylizzydog
    I am currently a student at Helene Fuld. I am finishing up my second semester on Tuesday. It is currently a three year program, but talk of changing it to a two year program. I have no complaints. The staff is wonderful and wants nothing more than for you to succeed. The program is hard, but I am sure they all are. VERY STRESSFUL!!! I just got done studying and will start again to more. Nintey percent of my class has already finshed all required courses before they applied into the program. Helene Fuld has Nursing 1 in the fall ans spring session. Nursing 1 evening on in the fall. We did our clinical this semester at various nursing homes and acute/med-surg at Underwood and Virtua. Any questions please feel free to ask.
  4. by   beba42
    Thanxs for your post I also was looking into this program. I'm happy to see it's a good program. Good luck
  5. by   beckyvon
    I am going to be entering Nursing V in the fall. It is a very good program, however pretty expensive, and has gone up every fall. The tuition right now is about $4000 a semester, and remember you are only graduating with a diploma in Nursing and a Associates degree in Science from Camden County College. The fees are about equal to Rutgers where you get a bachelors. Just something to think about.

    As far as the program. I feel like I am very well prepared, even with 2 semesters left. They have a very solid reputation. I think about 99-100% NCLEX pass rate. The instructors are great, but get tougher as the semesters get harder. They expect you to know what you are doing and rely less and less on instructors.

    Good Luck, I hope this helps.