Having trouble getting NJ license?

  1. Hey guys, so I took my NCLEX on July 11th and still haven't received my NJ license number. This wasn't an issue until I was interested in a job in NY that requires me to have my NY license before I start.

    I just called the NJ Board of Nursing this morning and the guy I talked to said he put my name on a "list" to go to the supervisor and to check back after 5-7 days and to call back if it wasn't up in that time frame. Has anyone had any luck with JUST calling and having the # up shortly after? Or is this just what they say to everyone lol

    Would it be a better idea to just go in person today? Since I might need to change my state this really is a time sensitive issue and the Board of Nursing is taking ridiculously long!

    Any advice appreciated!
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    NJ takes 4-6 weeks after nclex pass to issue licenses. Have you checked you online applicant checklist? Did you clear your background check? Each application is reviewed by BoN committee before a license is issued.
  4. by   njngg
    Hey thanks for replying! And yeah, everything is done, including all the items on the checklist and my background check. The man on the phone even looked through the checklist to see if there was anything missing and said I was all good.

    It's so frustrating that it takes so long, considering some states get their license numbers a day after taking the test!
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    NJ lets you test before the fingerprinting and has the BoN committee review each complete application. They can't with current protocol release licenses within days of passing nclex.
  6. by   Miss.LeoRN
    First of all, did you pass your nclex? I took my exam on July 21st and just received my license by mail today, however my RN# was listed on the website on July 28th. Have you searched the online license verification to see if a number has been issued despite not yet receiving the actual license?
  7. by   newmanrn
    What is the website to check your license number? I also waiting for my license in NJ.
  8. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from newmanrn
    What is the website to check your license number? I also waiting for my license in NJ.
    License verification (person search

    License status (only the candidate can check here) you sign in the same way when you submitted your application online
  9. by   njngg
    Hi, just an update here but I called the board of nursing on August 7th, was told by the guy that I was on a "list" sent to the supervisor and got my number on the 9th!

    I'm assuming they are just extremely busy and swamped with applications so calling puts your application to the front. I also waited about a month between taking my NCLEX and trying to call so I'm not sure how well it would work to call it you took your NCLEX 2 days ago or something.

    Good luck everyone!
  10. by   veritrue
    I took my NCLEX the first week of July and called twice a week for 3 weeks before I finally decided to drive to Newark to get it. Within 20 minutes of walking in the door, I had my number. don't wait more than a few weeks. they are just incompetent there and are actually being investigated by the state congress for not being able to process licenses in a timely manner