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  1. HI --

    I am in school in a far-away state. I just sent in all my stuff to get licensed and sit for the exam. I graduate in May and want to take the exam that same month. We move to NJ in early June and I plan to start working in August or September.

    I got a letter today about the fingerprinting. I am worried that it says that there will be a significant delay (doesn't specify how much) since I am out of state and can't use their agency to do it. Here's my question: do I need to have this fingerprinting thing all resolved to sit for the NCLEX? If I get it done now and turned in, will I make it for May?

    Or is this just to get a NJ license? Can I sit for the NCLEX without this being done yet (and go to their agency for fingerprinting when we move up there)?

    Thanks -
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  3. by   catiecake
    That is a NJ thing. Might be easier (won't say quicker though) to initially license in your home state and then endorse over later.
    Be forewarned:I had to laugh when you mentioned a "significant delay".I put in all the paperwork in September for endorsement,was fingerprinted at their location and I am still waiting. I spoke to somebody today who said everything was in order and they would issue my lic # by the end of the day. We'll see.
  4. by   muldoon
    I say don't get your hopes up about taking boards in May regardless. June is more realistic as they take their time confirming eligibility to pearson after receiving the letter of completion from your school. I had all my paperwork done months in advance, fingerprinting didn't take very long to process yet there was still that small lag.
  5. by   cat2007
    Hi - I graduate from Raritan Valley on May 16. Does anyone know how I can get fingerprinted through Sagamorph (sp?) before the school actually sends in our records. I just wanted to get the ball rolling. I am taking the Rutgers NCLEX review in June and wanted to sit for the boards by the middle of July. Thanks for any advice!!
  6. by   muldoon
    Fingerprinting happens independent of school, after your application for a license is processed. If you haven't done that already you should do it asap.
  7. by   edgwow
    Sagem Morpho has a bunch of offices but there was a 6-8 week wait for my fingerprints appointment. The appointment is scheduled online at some sagem morpho website. It is usually pretty quick. I bet you will have to wait to get to NJ before you get printed, or the prints could be really delayed.
  8. by   luv2yoga
    Thanks for all the feedback. NJ nurses rock! I will adjust my thinking about making it for the exam in May. June would be OK. I better get online and register for the fingerprinting for June! Yikes, 6 to 8 weeks is too long.
  9. by   NJNursing
    I only did this last year and I'm already having a brain fart of the order I did everything in. I graduated, then send in the money to Pearson-Vue and the State. Then I got something from the state about my fingerprints and then made the appointment which I was able to get in 3 weeks.
  10. by   luv2yoga
    All long did it take to get all that done after you graduated? Months?
  11. by   NJNursing
    Oh goodness no. I graduated May 27th and I took my NCLEX on July 13th. I could have had a quicker date, but I took the Kaplan course first and wanted time after that was done to study extra. I had all of my stuff done (including fingerprinting) by the end of June. And even then I didn't pay for my Pearson-Vue and Boards until the beginning of June out of my graudation money, so really from start to finish it was about a month.