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can anyone on this forum tell me about NJ correctional nursing. How do they train you, what are your responsibilities, how safe it is, How do they keep you safe with the inmates and so forth. Where... Read More

  1. by   NJprisonrn
    Just Google the NJ and PA board of nursing for licensure information. You can print out the applications there. Know that NJ is VERY slow, so start your application now. You'll need a passport photo. They'll want fingerprints, as well, but they'll send you that info when the time comes. All the info is there.

    This is the link for NJ prison jobs through Rutgers (they merged with UMDNJ). That's how I got my job. Select University Correctional health care under Facility.

    Good luck!!!
  2. by   CP1983
    Thanks NJprisonrn for the info!