Cooper Nurses approve new contract with 3-4% raises

  1. nurses ok accord with 3-4 percent raises
    thu may 28, 2009 by eileen stilwell courier-post staff

    nurses at cooper university hospital ratified a two-year labor agreement that includes a 3 percent raise each year, no layoffs and no out-of-pocket increases for health care premiums, co-pays or or pensions....

    ...the average registered nurse at cooper earns $36 an hour ...

    philadelphia business journal -wednesday, may 27, 2009

    [color=#234b87]cooper u. hospital, nurses have contract

    ...the two-year contract agreement addresses salary and benefits, the number of nurses needed for care, health insurance co-pays and participation in the safe patient handling program. the program was developed in 2006 by the national institute for occupational safety of the u.s. department of labor in partnership with the american nurses association and the veterans administration.
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  3. by   karenchad
    I know this post is late and probably none of my business but I thin $36.00/hour is much to low pay for nurses working Cooper Univ. Hosp- it is a wonderful and large teaching hospital, in a very rough neighborhood and get some pretty sick clientele since they are the Phily like hospital for this part of NJ. those nurses certainly deserve every penny and more. I don't think their job is easy on any unit there. I don't know what their staffing ratios are like but I bet their high.