Christ Hospital School of Nursing - Application Date?

  1. Hi everyone. Does anyone know the application deadline for the school? I would like to try for Fall of this year but I'm not sure if it's too late to apply. I should be completed with all my pre-req's by end of this spring semester but I've heard some people say January is the deadline and others say it's June so I just want to clear up the confusion.
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  3. by   33762FL
    Call the school and ask them.
  4. by   Janice530
    I have a bunch of friends who put in their application last week. I'm sure that if you have great grades and/or test scores you'll be accepted. BUT apply ASAP! And go in person to hand it in and to get the application because they help you out and give you great advice. GOODLUCK and hopefully i'll see you in the fall of 2012.