Can a licensed nurse still work as a nursing assistant in New Jersey? - page 2

I just passed the NCLEX and when I spoke to my nursing manager she said that in the past the hospital did not allow nursing assistant's to continue working once they were licensed but that they... Read More

  1. by   mamaxmaria
    I do not believe so. I have worked as a tech for the past 5 years and have seen many other techs leave because they got their license. Once they got that they are no longer allowed to work as a tech weather they had an rn position lined up or not.
  2. by   GoodtimeRN
    Quote from martinez2010
    I called the board of nursing since I have the same issue. They said an RN licensed person can't work as a CNA because of liability issues.

    BON said to look online for the regulations but I can't find anything written. If anyone can help me with finding written information on this it would really help me. I applied for unemployment since it's so hard to find a job as a new grad and they won't accept my claim because they say I voluntarily resigned although I explained the situation.

    I believe it is because once you are licensed, your scope of practice is greater than a CNA. Say you are an RN working as a CNA and you have an emergency (your patient codes, has an MI, etc). As CNA it is in your scope to alert the nurse, you can't administer any meds or take any matters into your own hands. As the nurse, you have to initiate CPR, give nitro or aspirin, etc. It becomes a conflict because you are licensed to act but your job title limits what you can do. So if the person dies, the family can say "well you are a NURSE why didn't you do anything??" ...because you are working as a CNA, NOT the nurse.