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  1. I have been a long time lurker and this is my first time posting so please bear with me.

    I am currently in the process of finishing up my prereqs so I can apply to BCC nursing program. I plan on applying this April for Spring 2009 program. After this semester, I will have 3 classes left. I plan on taking two in the summer (Nutrition and Intro. to Computers) and A&P II in the fall. So I would be done with all my prereqs by the time the program starts next spring.

    Currently I am on pace for a 4.0 BCC GPA and am waiting for my NET results. Based on the information I gave you, I am looking for information regarding my chances and any advice you can give would be much appreciated.

    To all the members, I thank you for all the knowledge that you share with us first time posters. I have learned so much just reading all the posts.

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  3. by   Skeletor
    It looks like you are doing an excellent job and you are obviously working extremely hard:typing to maintain that 4.0 GPA. Keep up the difficult work.
  4. by   penguinPool
    I think you'll be the first one to get into the program because
    1. you'll be done with all of your pre reqs before Spring semester
    2. your GPA's awesome!!!
    and I believe your NET score's pretty good...
    Just go and get the application ASAP and do whatever they tell you to do. Wish you the best luck!
  5. by   PUMPKIN1975
    Hi-I am doing my pre-req's right now @ BCC. When I apply next spring, I will have 28 out of the possible 36 pre-req credits completed and will be in the process of completing the last 8 as I apply...will they take that into account? Or do they only look at the actual credits completed? I understood from the orientation last month that the only "advantage" is amount of credits completed, that as long as you meet the GPA and NET requirements-they do not take into account the grades and/or scores?
  6. by   beba42
    i also go to bcc and i am finishing my prereqs, from what i have gathered, it really does not matter the score you get on the net as long as you get the minimum. what they look at the most is how many pre reqs you have completed at the time you apply. many students get in w/ a lower gpa but have all the classes completed. my friend last semester had a 4.0 gpa and was only missing 1 class (devlp psyc) she did not get in and was put on a waiting list. she got accepted into another school and decided to go there instead. you can still apply and hope to get in, but i would also apply elsewhere just in case.
  7. by   PUMPKIN1975
    Thanks. What other schools are you thinking about? I am looking for an evening program....
  8. by   beba42
    it is so hard to find an evening progam, most schools have only days and the evening programs are harder to get into from what i hear since a lot more people want to do the evening programs. i looked into virtua's helene fuld school of nursing and our lady of lourdes school of nursing, the only bad thing is that they are a 3 yr program. but considering the fact that is may take a while to get into bcc it's worth a try and see what happens. you can also look into some philly program if you dont mind driving there. at this point i really don't care what school i get into as long as i get in!:d
    best of luck i hope you get in let me know how it all turns out for you!
  9. by   PUMPKIN1975
    looks like we are in the same situation right now! I want to get done as soon as possible. Jefferson in Philly has a 2 yr ASN program with no pre-req's. Although I can't tell if it is evening or just days, I guess I'll have to look into that, too. Heard it is really expensive, though. I plan on applying to BCC 4/1/09 for the Spring 2010 program. I will be in the process of taking my last 2 prereqs, I wonder if they consider that.
  10. by   beba42
    yeah I heard Jefferson is a good school. I can't remember if it has a night program. you should be ok to apply for Bcc. I know a few people that applied as they finished the last pre reqs and as soon as they finished they got the acceptance letter. so it is def. worth a try! we just have to continue trying and not get discouraged ( i know easier said that done!) I only have micro and stat left to take and still can't get in! but as soon as I finish those up I will re apply and see what happens hope I can get in for 2009. I am also looking at morning programs I figured I would apply to as many programs as possible and see what happens. believe me when you talk to other students it seems we are all in the same position.
  11. by   waitingforthedream
    Hello future NS's of BCC. I was unable to get into their program until all of my pre-reqs were done. As long as your above average in NET, the scores do not matter. Apply to any and all semesters until you are finally accepted. I applied every semester. It depends on how many students applying and what amount of credits they will have completed at the start of the nursing semester. Good luck to you all, I will be in my senior year starting in Sept 2008.:spin:
  12. by   beba42
    hi waitingforthedream,

    anything we should know about the program since you are already in it? any advice of what to expect? I wanted to know how are the math test they give you (math is not my favorite topic)?
  13. by   waitingforthedream
    Hi, not going to lie, its tough. The math tests are pretty basic. Just like the problems you do in nur-math 103. You have to get 100% in 3 tries or your out. Tests are like no other test that you have taken. Very important to learn critical thinking, get a n-clex review book if at all possible and start doing practice questions in areas that you cover in class, it will really help your thinking skills! There is a ton of reading, and I swear you feel like you never have time to do anything else, but it is worth it. A good study group is a must, throw facts and questions at each other. After getting through the program, you will never want to hear the word "care plan" again, you will know what I mean once you start. If you know your basic algebra (not hard at all) you will be fine with the med math. The hardest part of it is the conversions, and that is just memorization (mcg. to mg) etc. Keep in touch, you will be fine!!! Take nur-math 103 as soon as you can (I think you still need an 88% to pass through) and grade is good for 1 year, so be careful you don't take it to soon.
  14. by   beba42
    thank you so much for the advice. it really helps talking to someone that is already in the program. I can't wait to start but I know it will be hard. good luck, hang in there you are almost done!! Keep in touch, I will let you know if I ever get in!