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  1. Hi,

    In October 2011 the NJ Board of Nursing issued a statement about the use of commercially prepared exams in nursing programs. It restricted the use of such exams to 10% of the course grade and primarily for assessment and diagnostic purposes.

    Here is the situation:

    In an LPN program, there are about 5 modules, and for each module, ATI exams are used. For example, in one module, exams, quizzes, attendance amount to 20 % whereas two ATI exams are weighted at 40% each for a total of 80%. Students who fail either of these exams are given a second chance, failing which they are terminated from the program and given the option of leaving or re-taking the entire module with another class later. Students are deeply worried about this policy, as two were already terminated. This is not explained in handbooks or other materials. They only note that the passing grade for the module is 75%, which is fine, but there is nothing about ATI exams constituting a high percentage of the grade.

    Does such use of ATI exams comply with the NJ board of Nursing's policy that emphasizes only 10% of the course grade as appropriate and not, as in this case, 80%?

    The major problem is that students are being terminated from the program for passing all exams in the module but not getting through the ATI exams. In addition to blatantly misusing commercially prepared exams, such use appears to directly contradict the NJ Board of Nursing's stipulation.

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    Have you had such experiences?

    Any thoughts on this? What would you suggest is the best option to pursue?

    Thanks in advance for your input.
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Moved to NJ State Nursing Program forum as unique to NJ. Have you contacted the NJ Board of Nursing? What does your school say?
  4. by   kayak007
    What LPN school are you in? I do know that for the RN programs they use HESI or ATI, and RN nursing schools use the HESI/ATI as an assessment tool, but it is around 5% of your grade in the earlier modules, but you need to get a passing grade on the HESI-RN in order to be eligible to take the NCLEX. Yes, I know this section pertains to LPNs. Just writing in regs to experience.
  5. by   tiddlywinks
    The school says it is normal practice in many other schools, but it still hasn't clarified how such use complies with the Board of Nursing's policy. Looks like a lot of things are going on below the radar.

    Others on this forum said they were going to appeal to the Board. Wonder if they did and what happened.

    Does the Board respond promptly? Called them a few times but could not speak to anyone on the Board. There are no telephone numbers or email addresses, only online complaint forms. Kinda odd that people cannot call to consult and get clarity, but are encouraged to file complaints.

    Failed in ATI exam now and asked to leave program. Took thousands of dollars in loan and for living expenses as here from out of state. Desperate . . . don't know how to address this.
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    There is an online contact form for NJ BoN that can be found here: New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs - Board of Nursing
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    Did so and waiting . . and waiting.
  8. by   tenrn1
    Holy Name Medical Center School of Practical Nursing does NOT follow this model. Their NCLEX pass rate has been high enough that they have not need to give an exit exam or use these ATI exams for progression through the program . This is a solid school that has been around for a long time (about 35 years I think). They just started having evening programs also. Well worth looking into!!!!!!!!