Applying to Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing?

  1. I applied to Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing..took the NET and received great scores and now, waiting to set-up interview with school.

    Anywone else applying and waiting to hear back? Anyone already go through their interview? I'm interested in waiting with other applicants!

    This is my top choice and I'm ready to be accepted!!
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  3. by   emtb2rn
    Congrats! Just be yourself during the interview. It's a great program that will prepare you very well. And while some of the instructors have, shall we say, unique personalities, not a mean one in the bunch. PM me if you have any specific questions.
  4. by   oooitzkevin
    I'm taking the test on march 18th =) hopefully I do well to get an interview.
  5. by   Lovelymo79
    Good look, oooitzkevin! I'll be interviewing on the 19th! Keep me posted :-)
  6. by   oooitzkevin
    GOOD LUCK on the interview =) Is the interview given after two weeks from when you took the test?
  7. by   Lovelymo79
    No. I took the test on Feb. 11th. The results come in 7-10 days afterwards and the school sends you a copy. If all of your requirements are turned in (application, essay, recommendations, etc.), then your information is passed on and you can set up the interview from there.

    It took me awhile to get in contact with my interviewer and I finally did on Friday and based on our schedules, the 19th is the earliest we can meet.

    So, 2's the amount of time you can expect to hear back from the school in regards to your scores and if you're invited to interview.
  8. by   Sunny02
    I'm excited right there with you! I had my interview today :-)
  9. by   Lovelymo79
    Really?? Tell me all about it!! You can PM me also.

    What were some of the questions you were asked? How long will it be before you find out if you're accepted? How long was the interview? You also toured the school, correct?

    Did you apply for day or evening program? Is this your first choice?

    I'm so excited..and I just can't hide!
  10. by   oooitzkevin
    Hi Lovelymo, For some reason I can't leave a visitor message so I'll post it up here. I just talked to Ms. ***** today about scheduling an appointment. It's set for April 13th =). Did u get the official letter for Mountainside yet?
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  11. by   Lovelymo79
    Hi Kevin,

    Yay!! Glad to hear that! Yup..I got my official letter today!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!
  12. by   emtb2rn
    Congrats!!! You made the right choice.
  13. by   Lovelymo79
    I am confident I did! Now the real work begins!
  14. by   Lovelymo79
    Kevin - how did the interview go?