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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm interested in Rutgers Accelerated program (the one that starts the end of May) and their website states that when you're applying to complete a fall application. I tried to apply and the accelerated program is not a choice on the app. I contacted the College of Nursing and getting info from them is like pulling teeth; you'd think that it was top secret information or something.

    Anyway, the person I spoke to in that department said that the application for that program opens up in August. However, when I've called other times, I've been told it opens up in October.... September..... August.

    My question is (and I'm hoping someone could shed some light on this) when does the application open up for this program? And can you apply online OR am I better off completing a paper application and mailing it out?

    Thanks so much!!!
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  3. by   ElizabethNJ18

    I had the same questions when applying to the Rutgers accelerated program. I'm not sure what's the earliest you can apply for the accelerated program - so what I would do is call the rutgers admissions department 732-932-INFO. This is the rutgers admissions department for the new brunswick university, but they should know that information. (Just a side note the program is split up between the Newark and New Brunswick campuses). I thought the earliest you could apply was October, but don't quote me on that. Definitely check with the admissions department. You really need to keep those dates in line though because I know that some of these programs are on a first come first served basis so the earlier you apply the better off you are - I was also thinking of applying to Thomas Jefferson's FACT program in Philly, but was too late with the application process for that school - they start accepting applications like end of August/ early Sept time frame.

    Anyway, back to the Rutgers program - you can definitely apply online, my application went out in late November '07 for admission into their May 2008 program.

    Once you apply online, you can check the status of your application regularly - I would encourage you to do this very often- at least until all of your transcripts have been received by the Rutgers admissions department. I took pre-reqs from a few different schools, and therefore I was constantly checking to see if the Rutgers admissions department actually received my info and logged it in. You don't want to get into a situation where your application isn't being reviewed b/c one of your transcripts are outstanding.

    Just remember to be persistent when trying to find out this information - there are people to help you, but you just need to keep calling/ e-mailing. If that doesn't work, I would suggest even stopping by the school one morning just to speak with someone in the college of nursing.

    Hope that helps!

  4. by   Jag815
    Thanks for the info, Elizabeth! I'm really glad to know that I'm not the only one who's gotten the run around.

    I am looking to go to the New Brunswick campus and contacted Admissions awhile ago and was told to contact the College of Nursing in Newark. I called them and was told to contact Admissions. Right now it's like a game of ping pong, so I'm just going to take a drive to the campus and speak to someone in person. I have a pretty good idea of which prereqs I need to take, but it'd be helpful if someone there could evaluate my transcripts and tell me exactly what I still need to fulfill. is a helpful site WHEN you're going from a county college to a state college, BUT not state college to state college.

    Which college did you decide to go to? And how is that program so far?
  5. by   NYcDcG
    JAG, I want to apply to that program as well and couldn't find it on the application either. Please let us know how that turns out. If I find anything out, I'll let you know.
  6. by   Jag815

    I paid a visit to the Admissions office in New Brunswick yesterday and got a bit further than calling Newark - I got the name and phone number of the Nursing Admissions Officer in Newark (which is where the main college is based out of) and here's what I was told:

    - Applications for the 2009 program will become available sometime in late August/September.
    - The Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN program (that starts in May) is offered in Newark only.
    - The Traditional 2nd Degree BSN program (that starts in Sept) is offered in both Newark and New Brunswick.
    - All prereqs must be satisfied prior to starting either program.

    I have to admit ... I am a bit upset and a little discouraged. I was really looking forward to taking the Accelerated program in New Brunswick (because it's much closer for me) and now I have to wait a little bit longer and begin the Traditional program (which I really didn't want to) in Sept (provided that I am accepted into the program). In addition, the accelerated 2nd degree program seems to be the more logical route to take, but I feel like I keep getting contradicting and wrong info from the college and just don't know if I'm better off completing an associates program and going for my BSN at a later time. Ahhh... so frustrating!!!

    Also.. the College of Nursing in New Brunswick is closed until Aug. 24; this was another thing I learned yesterday.

    Please let me know if either of you find out anything else and I will do the same.
  7. by   ElizabethNJ18

    Just some further information - I don't know how they are going to run the accelerated program next year, but I can tell you that my classes are split between Newark and New Brunswick. I just started the accelerated program this May - for summer sessions I and II I am in Newark, for the fall semester I am in New Brunswick for my classes and clinical rotations, as far as I know now, in the spring I am in Newark for classes, but not sure about where my clinicals will be just yet - it could be anywhere in the state - then next summer I think may be back in Newark, but I have to double check about that again. Some of this is subject to change. I can also tell you that during this summer I was only in Newark for 3 days during the 1st summer session and 2 days for the second summer session. Again, I don't know if this is how the program will run for next year, but that's how things are working now.

    I am really not familiar with the traditional program details, sorry I can't help you more with that.

    Going back to the Newark factor - do you live anywhere near a train station? Some of the people in my program (including myself) take the train on the days we have class in Newark - it is definitely the way to go considering the price of gas and traffic in the area. I live in Monmouth county, so the train ride is like 45/50 minutes, and I can study or sleep while on the train - I really like it actually.

    Anyway, if you have any other questions, send me an private e-mail through this forum - I think that may be easier. Hope that helps!

  8. by   NYcDcG
    [font=book antiqua]does anyone happen to know if either of their nursing programs are offered at brookdale's communiversity in wall? on the communiversity website, it states that there is a nursing program linked to rutgers but on rutgers' website, they are not clear.
  9. by   NJhopeful
    Brookdale Communiversity's nursing program is linked with New Jersey City University, I'm not sure about Rutgers though. Their program starts in May and the application deadline is 02/28/09. Since there is not much information on the NJCU website, I had to call. They take down your address and send you an information packet.
  10. by   favorite1
    Hey Elizabeth, I perceive that you have gone through the RUTGERS ABSN program successfully. I have a couple of questions here.... Do you think it is wise to reside in the halls of residence? i have been accpeted at the Newark campus and I live in the south of NJ. I thought it would be easier to reside in the hall...but with what I just read from your post- as per moving between New Brunswik and Newark, I am thinking........:-(. Please advice me because i really need it. I do not have car either so... I at a cross roads
  11. by   newtonj
    Quote from favorite1
    hey elizabeth, i perceive that you have gone through the rutgers absn program successfully. i have a couple of questions here.... do you think it is wise to reside in the halls of residence? i have been accpeted at the newark campus and i live in the south of nj. i thought it would be easier to reside in the hall...but with what i just read from your post- as per moving between new brunswik and newark, i am thinking........:-(. please advice me because i really need it. i do not have car either so... i at a cross roads
    hi favorite1,
    i'm in the same situation. i've been admitted to the accelerated program in may. my question is,
    (1) do we need a car to commute between two campuses?
    (2) if we decide to live in residence hall, any parking space available for students?

    i know you've asked these questions to elizabeth, but not sure if i can't find the answers from here. please help. thanks.
  12. by   LoriNJ
    About living at Newark:
    They do have parking spaces for residents (though I believe you do pay for the pass). It would be good to live there for getting to class in the summer, but in the fall I do believe classes would be in New Brunswick.
    Not having a car isn't too much of an issue. Most of the places we have had classes and clinicals have a readily accessible train stop. For the Newark campus you can take a train into Newark Penn Station and then just hop on the light rail two stops and you're right at campus. For New Brunswick- the train stops right on George st. and most of the shuttles pick up right there and will take you right to class. Hospitals in NB are right up the street from the train too. We did go to one hospital that was not on a train route, but perhaps you could take a train/bus close to another classmate and work on a carpool?

    We carpool a lot, to save on money and time. Work out your options- perhaps commuting via train would be cheaper than moving to campus. But if you do live on Newark's campus it is easy to get to NB via train.

    Any other questions, just post or feel free to email me