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Does anybody attend the accelerated BSN program in NJCU? If so what is the cost of the program? How competative is it to get in? Will they accept you if your overall GPA is lower than a 3.0 but you... Read More

  1. by   sundrop
    Hi Candi12,

    I scored an 84 on the HESI but my prerequisites were not that great. I was rejected from all the schools that I applied to. You did very well on the HESI. I wonder how many people are on the waiting list.
  2. by   candi12
    Hi Sundrop,
    Most likely several people are on the waiting list, I just would have preferred to recive a denial letter rather than given false hope of being on the witing list. Im just confused about their selection process.
  3. by   sundrop

    I'm confused myself...
  4. by   NJEMT87
    hey guys i was waitlisted too
  5. by   NJEMT87
    did u guys get the email too though?? i just dont get it lol i received the unemployment waiver email and seriously thought i was accepted. i was extremely surprised i was waitlisted....
  6. by   sundrop

    I got the email and I thought I was accepted. Now I guess that means if you recieved the email than you either got in or was wait listed. I'm figuring that the email was sent in the event that someone does not hand in their deposit they would want to know how we will pay.
  7. by   NJEMT87
    Yea that is true... Well let's cross our fingers! Again lol
  8. by   sundrop

    I have them crossed
  9. by   candi12
    Hi Kris,
    yes I recieved the email also and was surprised I was waitlisted, but dont get discouraged guys. Congrats to those that were accepted!
  10. by   jrzrealtor
    so I applied to the BSN program and didnt make the cut. However just to all those that did apply you should know that the deadline extension allowed more applicants to submit applications and therefore increased the overall number of students trying to get enrollment. Also, some students were allowed the option to retake the HESI exam. Last years director of the program cared more for the program versus this years **********. I would suggest for those that didnt make the cut to file a complaint with the Dean of Professional Studies at NJCU : 201-200-2000 ask for ************* to notify them of the unfair advantages that this causes.

    As you may see I am pretty upset but have already applied and gotten accepted into another program, however NJCU was my first choice and wanted make it known to other candidates that the new director does not have the best interests at heart when it comes to screening applicants, my friend managed to get accepted with a lower GPA and HESI score and when I asked him for clarification he gave me the run around how a C+ in statistics brought my overall score down, however I received A's in the other preques whereas my friend received B's.

    Overall I think the program has a lot of misguided and confused people but wish everyone luck in the program. My sister completed it last year and had tons of words on how unorganized and unprofessional they are... Good Luck.
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  11. by   NJEMT87
    wow that really gets me upset considering i sent in EVERYTHING WAAAYY before the deadline. thats really not fair. im sorry you didnt get accepted. I was waitlisted and I emailed Samantha about it and she said that they received over 350 applications for 45 spots. i am hoping some people do not send in their deposits and i can be accepted in their place....
  12. by   jrzrealtor

    Good luck with that. I too submitted everything by March 8th and knowing firsthand my sister got to retake the HESI because she bombed it the first time, however her GPA was something they liked. However with this new director I don't understand what they want. The deadline extension was my main complaint against them and they contradicted themselves in an email when I complained about it. Either way even I didnt get in I think the practices that are used are unfair and unjust and should be notified to director heads to ensure everyone has the same oppurtunities of getting in.

    On a side note Kris, I'd offer you an advantage by working the MALE NURSE, as they are more in demand and should serve to give you an edge.

    Good luck and hopefully everything pays off. After my conversation with the Chairperson, I think my file went straight into the garbage lol.
  13. by   2011gradbsn

    I understand the frustration of those who were not accepted/waitlisted. Here is my two sense in this.... in regards to the extended deadline how is this unfair? I submitted everything back in December and when I asked about the deadline being extended I was told by NJCU that it was because they wanted to make sure they got anyone and everyone who wanted to apply and took thier HESI...... isn't this what eevrything is about giving everyone a fair chance? I know someone who applied a week before the deadline and I view her the same as I view myself... we both applied and took the exam and for whatever reason we were both accepted. Everyone got a fair chance when thier application was reviewed........ I know that pre-req grades, test scores and reccomendations counted ALOT... more than undergrad gpa and perhaps thats what did it for most people that were unfortunately not accepted. I can't speak for the administration and having known someone who went to the school last year I know it can be confusing and chaotic because staff can be absent minded sometimes, but in the end, its 1 year and we can all do it to finish and get on with our lives.....

    To those that made it congrats and I'll see you in the fall (I can't make orientation bc I'll be out of the country) and those still waiting good luck. What shall happen will happen