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Does anybody attend the accelerated BSN program in NJCU? If so what is the cost of the program? How competative is it to get in? Will they accept you if your overall GPA is lower than a 3.0 but you... Read More

  1. by   NJEMT87
    glad im not the only one haha :-D
  2. by   britsb
    I also received the email about the missing form and in my case I do qualify for the tuition waiver, however at the open house I attended in April they made it seem like they would take people who would pay for the program outright over those using the tuition waiver. In my case I was nervous that using the waiver would effect my chances of getting in or they'd wait list me so I declined it. I'm hoping to qualify for unemployment grants instead...and anyway I'm going to be in such debt that a few $K here and there isn't going to matter much, sad but true.
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  3. by   sundrop

    I owe a lot in loans myself. The tuition waiver is sweet but unfortunate if it cannot be used.
  4. by   NJEMT87
    ugh STILL nothing!! lol
  5. by   anbnursing
    i kno this process is soo nerve wracking ive been waiting to get something in the mail....hopefully we all hear good news sometime this week...
  6. by   Hooter44
    Can anyone truly really confirm if they have received anything from NJCU- everytime I call I immediately get Samantha Younker's voice mail and all emails are returned with : the letters have been sent out.
  7. by   Paolah13
    I received the email last week but I'm so nervous, I still have not received anything through mail.
  8. by   britsb
    Quote from Paolah13
    I received the email last week but I'm so nervous, I still have not received anything through mail.
    Same here. Hopefully we'll get something by the weekend.
  9. by   Aly1025
    I also received the email last week and my acceptance letter today!
  10. by   NJEMT87
    I still didn't get anything ugh hopefully tomorrow lol
  11. by   Determine2b
    Hello Everyone,

    I did not receive any email nor status letter....does anyone know if the tuition waiver applies to everyone or was it just for NJ residents? I am out of state so I just wondering if the email mostly pertained to NJ residents. Can someone shed some light on this.....I'm confused and also worried that I didn't make the list!
  12. by   NJEMT87
    well i received the email last week and got wait listed.. i cannot believe this
  13. by   sundrop

    Did you call and find out why?