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Does anybody attend the accelerated BSN program in NJCU? If so what is the cost of the program? How competative is it to get in? Will they accept you if your overall GPA is lower than a 3.0 but you... Read More

  1. by   lovingcare84
    Thank you!. I'm extremely happy that I got in!, been wanting it for so long.
    This info about class times is definately helpful for me to figure out this whole transportation deal. So is there really NO public transporation around the school? Would you happen to know how far the Belmar train station is from the campus? Sorry if its too many questions!. The program is starting so soon!.
  2. by   candyland
    Quote from Kaylah18
    Hi LovingCare84,
    Congrats on getting accepted!!!
    We have a few students that are from north Jersey and the commute is tough for them, but they make it work....
    Our schedule (Wall Cohort) the first semester generally went from 8am or 9am-4pm Monday – Wednesday and Thursday & Friday were clinical days: 7am – 1pm.
    Second semester we went Tuesday – Thursday classes 8am -4pm and clinical was Friday and Saturday 7am – 3pm.
    Currently, our classes are 8/9am – 3/4pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Clinical Tuesday 8am – 1pm. Friday 7am – 3pm and a few days 7am – 7pm.
    Each year they shuffle the classes around between the semesters because of instructor/facility availability, but your schedule should be pretty similar to that. If you have any other questions, please ask. Good luck!
    Hi Kaylah18,
    7 is very early if you're using public transportation. Do they ever give you an option of coming in the afternoon instead?
  3. by   anbnursing
    I was just on the njcu site and for those like myself who are applying to the jc campus for sept the application deadline has been extened to the 22nd so we have an extra week!
  4. by   NYcDcG
    The trip is about a 10 minute drive. Not too bad, but it could get expensive if you have to take a taxi everyday... I wouldn't recommend it though, because there are some days were class will start or end early or late depending on the instructor's schedule and then you'll be stuck dealing with the train schedule. I guess the up-side of that is you'll get a lot of reading done!!! LOL

    Here are the Mapquest directions to give you a visual...
  5. by   aspiring_nursing
    my hesi is tomorrow havent studied much. much of it its common sense. will continue to review tonight. u guys think ill do well anyway?
  6. by   woodyswifey4evaa
    To aspiring nursing

    my hesi is also today. i am taking it in manhattan. where are you taking it? 1 penn plaza....been studying like anxious...leaving in a few hours and doing some last minute reviews. I hope i do well b/c i really want to get into NJCU. Wish me Luck!
  7. by   aspiring_nursing
    i took the hesi at nyu! omg the math and english were easy but i didnt study for the science. mistake! i saw the scores i got on each section but how are we supposed to know our average? is the average of all parts what they r interested in? i didnt do so well on everything else!!! and i took 2 hours in math making sure i did it right. easiest math ever!
  8. by   anbnursing
    i took the exam in west orange on sat and i was able to see my averages for each section after i completed it and then it gave me my grade overall
  9. by   anbnursing
    oh and i called the school the other day and they said that the hesi grades are supposed to be released to them on the 16th
  10. by   aspiring_nursing
    would u shae ur apx grade. i missed that info. so upsetting
  11. by   anbnursing
    Quote from aspiring_nursing
    would u shae ur apx grade. i missed that info. so upsetting

    I got an overall of 87.2% and 870-880 can remember the number on the critical thinking I did well on everything except bio, I had some trouble with the a&p stuff bc I havent covered that in my classes yet but i ended up doing better than i thought on that section.
  12. by   smaprice
    Hey everyone,

    I'm also applying to NJCU for the Fall Fast Track program. I'm really nervous about getting in and have found this page to be really helpful so thank you! I took the HESI already and did pretty well. I was wondering how long everyones admission essay was....I saw 2 pages somewhere but does anyone know if you can go over that?
  13. by   aspiring_nursing
    I am online hesi page looking at my score report. i can see the averages for each section but how did u find the average for the entire hesi exam? did u just calculate it urself? So I did above average in english and math and about average on the the critical thinking i got in the high 700s