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Does anybody attend the accelerated BSN program in NJCU? If so what is the cost of the program? How competative is it to get in? Will they accept you if your overall GPA is lower than a 3.0 but you... Read More

  1. by   ktv80
    sorry so late replying. yes, i took the hesi and purchased the book however, to me it did not help in the biology, chem and ap section for me... i actually reviewed question from my textbooks from those subjects... it kinda helped. i did okay on the hesi... hopefully my other application requirements and pre-req will weight out my hesi grades. my suggestion is to review your textbooks or google topics that relate to general biology, chemistry and ap i and ii. the math section and english was straight out from the hesi review book... hope this helps. good luck.... now i wait for my acceptance letter in the mail hopeully you too will recieve one!!! i know we will......take care
  2. by   Paolah13
    Hi! I'm also applying for NJCU for Sept 2010 and i will be taking the Hesi A2 test very soon and i was wondering if anyone had any advice, study guide, or anything that would help. I know i saw a thread where someone had a study guide, but it was closed and i cant PM anyone since i just registered on this site. If anyone has any information i would appreciate it. Thank you
  3. by   aspiring_nursing
    What does A2 mean? I dont know anything about this test lol. there seems to not be a website explaining this test. someone will lend me the book and i will study from it. is the highest score you can get an 80? how many questions are there? and how long is the sitting on the test? Well i dont remember much from my prereqs lol but i am hopin the study book helps.
  4. by   mgomez
    The test is 4 hrs., it has different parts like anatomy, biology, chem., vocab, gram, math, read, critical thinking.. I'm not sure about the highest score that it is necessary.. but every part of the test has a score and then you get a total test score.. my score was low in anat. and biol.. the rest were ok.. that is why Im taking it again.. hopefully I can improve it.. Good luck to everybody!!
  5. by   aspiring_nursing
    lets suppose i take the test april 8th, and I find my score is low, can I take it right away a couple days later like april 15th? Also do you get the score right after you r done with the exam on the same day? thanks in advance
  6. by   Paolah13
    I will be taking the Hesi exam on April 8th.. i read somewhere that someone would have to wait at least 60 days to take it over, but I'm not really sure about this. you do get the scores of the test right after you are done and so does the school.
  7. by   aspiring_nursing
    thank u. so did u register bysending a email to the link they told u to? i did but have not heard back. maybe i will tomorrow
  8. by   Paolah13
    I sent an email with information to get an ID number. Then i received an email from them with a link to the prometric website to register for the test and get a location. But they did take about a week or so to reply back..
  9. by   newnurse2011
    anyone going to the Open House tonight? from 5 pm - 7 pm?
  10. by   NYcDcG
    I am currently in the program down at the Wall campus. I suggest anyone interested in the program should go to the open house and ask lots of questions!!!
  11. by   newnurse2011
    hi Kaylah was it competitive to get into this program? how do u like it so far? if you dont mind me asking what was your undergrad gpa?

    ok take care!
  12. by   wifee47
    Hi all! Can somebody please fill us in with what happened at the Open House earlier this week? TIA!
  13. by   newnurse2011
    I did not go but I wanted to know if anyone did go and how many people were there? how many people apply to how many people were accepted?