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Has anyone tried the new distance ed bookstore for Ivy Tech, yet? If so, have you figured out how to pay for your books with your financial aid? The only payment options that I'm seeing available are Discover, Mastercard, Visa and American Express. I'm not liking the new bookstore at all. Not only can you not see a picture of the book, but they don't even give you the ISBN #. UGH!:devil:


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Its not just specifically the distance bookstore, its the entire bookstore and you can order normal books as well as distance ed books on there. I don't mind it, its pretty easy, especially if you have the CRN number to put in there! My only problem is, what's REALLY required? I see some stuff checked for ANP and I don't think every one of those is required...

I think I will just have to get to the bookstore on campus this week and buy them there. I would call the bursars office to ask them how we purchase our books online using financial aid.


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When I was taking online classes, I actually had to print an order form for each campus the class originated from and fax it to the bookstore before they would send me the books and charge my financial aid. It was an ugly mess every semester.

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I don't like the new bookstore so far. I want ISBN numbers!


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You are now able to pay for books on the Follett bookstore with your financial aid.

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