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What kind of supplies/equipment will I need?

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The types of supplies needed would depend if your pt had wounds that needed dressing changes, Central lines that need dressings. Do you take vitals at your company, if so then you would need a BP set, stethoscope, something to take their temp with etc.. If you are new to hospice, I would hope you would get the rundown or some type of orientation.

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I had orientation today. They said a portable pulse ox, b/p cuff, stethoscope, thermometer.....just wanted some more opinions.

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I'm ICU so a pen light may be useful but other than that, I would think your orders/other staff would tell you what you will need for this pt or that..

Personal hand sanitizer and gum come to mind for yourself :)

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Thanks.....that's exactly what i wanted to know :)

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There is one piece of equipment I would highly suggest you get if you are working home hospice. A Headlamp, the kind you can buy at home depot, walmart or Lowe's that has a head strap with a bright light. The houses you go into do not always have very good lighting and I will not even attempt to do a foley without one, otherwise you will have to have someone hold a flashlight for you. If you can see where you are going, it is easy. They are not expensive, around 10-15 dollars.

I have both a wrist cuff and an arm cuff. Sometimes the patients skin is so fragile, and they are contracted, it can be very difficult to use arm cuff, and I have damaged skin using the arm cuff. If they are shaking or I get an abnormal reading from the wrist cuff, I have my backup. We are also given a finger pulse ox machine, if they don't give you one, I have seen them at walmart for around 40. When the fingers are cold, you may get a wrong reading or it will not read at all.

Good Luck!!!

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Thanks everyone.....making my shopping list :)

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