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Hello, I'm brand new to home health care and am looking for tips, help, any information you can give me to make me the best home health care nurse I can be. I even need tips on how to pack my nursing bag with supplies. Thanks everyone!

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The most difficult for me in home health was the driving. I would buy a navigation system and I would map out my day before so you can make your visits and not waste time going back and forth. Bring organized about your charting and not saving things for later is also a good idea.

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I worked as an LNA in home care for a while. My suggestions: keep a full set of clothes and shoes in your trunk, snacks and drinks that won't explode, extra forms, gloves, pens and respect the client and home. Aside from that you'll pick up whatever else along the way.

Check you state and local IRS codes as well. If you document mileage and repair you can most likely claim on your taxes. :)


Thank you for the tips. I will too be a new HHC nurse soon. I would like more advices though.


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