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Does anyone work at New Hanover Hospital? I am thinking of moving in the future and would like some information.


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I'm a student nurse doing my clincals at New Hanover. From what I hear, this area does not pay nurses as well as some of the larger cities do such as Charlotte and Raleigh. You may be able to find out more by going to their website. I'm not sure what it is but if you search New Hanover Regional Medical Center, I'm sure you can find it.



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What area have you done clinicals on? I would like to know if the staff seemed to like it there, and how many patients a nurse had to herself, and if there was anyone else who worked with her, like is it primary nursing or team nursing.

Look forward to hearing from you and good luck in nursing !


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I've been on the Nephrology Unit. They seem to be a close knit group and most seem to like their jobs. Yes, they have their days but I haven't heard anyone really ragging about the hospital or anything. Each nurse has 4-6 patients and there is a float nurse. There are also some CNAs on the floor but I'm not sure how many patients they each get. They really liked having students and were glad to help and teach us. One of the groups from my class was on a different floor and were not so well received.


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These two towns may pay slightly more than in Wilmington, but the additional cost of living Raleigh or Charlotte more than eats up that additional pay. The cost of living to salary ratio is better in Wilmington (New Hanover Regional) or Brunswick Community Hospital) Brunswick county.


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Starting pay for new grad nurses is $17.56 plus there is a 3p-11p shift differentials (15%), as well as a 7p-7a (20%) and weekend differential (I think it's 10%). The shift diff's make up for the low starting pay. Good luck! Hope that helps!


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NHRMC is a nice hospital and it is still growing. They do have some problems, but most hospitals do anyway. They utilize payroll deduction for everything. If you don't utilize it in the cafeteria, you are charged full price for your meals. They offer only one health plan and it is expensive.

What area do you normally work?


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I worked med/surg for a while in Charlotte and now work Mother/Baby in the midwest. I really like Mother/Baby and would love to do travel nursing but it doesn't seem like there's much need. I loved Wilmington, and even though one bitter charge nurse has the capability to screw me over, I still liked the hospital. All hospitals have problems. New Hanover isn't much different than any other hospital.

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