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Hey all..

THinking of traveling and eventually relocating to either New Hampshire or RI. Any advice on which area is better as far as job market, housing, nightlife etc. Thanks!


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Night Life in NH, surely you are kidding:wink2: In my area, near the DHMC hospital, night life is nearly non existant. As for the job market, I see lots of job postings for RN's at DHMC and other local hospitals in this area.


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Wow...I had no idea NH was THAT laid back ;-) What do you do for fun? Is all of NH like that?? I'm not looking for bright lights and big city, but a nice quaint town with a local pub, good bookstore, movies, good outdoor things to do would be great. Tell me a little more about where you live, name of hospital, housing etc. Thanks!


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You just described a couple of areas in NH, mainly Concord or perhaps the Seacoast area although both are accessible by car no matter where you end up. One thing you get used to living here is the need for a car. The mtns are 1 hour from Concord and 2 from the Seacoast. The living is cheaper here than in RI I imagine. I cannot speak to the job scene yet as I am still trying to get into a school. I do wish we had a proper university in our capital but the Portsmouth Dover area has that covered.

Good Luck!


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I live in in Lebanon NH and it is very laid back :) I am 5 minutes from Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital, it is a large teaching hospital. We also have some smaller hospitals very close by . Names of some other close hospitals are Alice Peck Day Hospital, Sprinfield Hospital, there are some others too. We have pubs, but they certainly arent open real late, no bright lights or big city here. We have a movie cinema ( I think it runs 6 movies), a borders bookstore and some other used book stores in town as well. There are some apartments (I think called Emerson place) about 5 minutes from the hospital. There are also other apartment complexes closer to the hospital. The cost of housing seems to be high in this area. As for outdoor things to do, we have local lakes for swimming in the summer,ice fishing in the winter, areas for hiking, 4 wheeling, snowmobiling, etc. Also if you go up to the white mountains there are waterfalls, hiking and lots of other scenic things to do and see. If you want more excitment, your best bet would be Manchester or Concord. I think Elliot hospital and Wentworth Douglas are near there. I like living in this area, it is a very safe place to live and if you like to see the change of seasons, this is definitely the place to be :)

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