Who here attended Health Care symposium?

  1. I was just curious. Our program requires us to attend and I saw more students than health care workers there. So who attended and why? I hope you were one of the lucky $500 tuition reimbursement winners.
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  3. by   Sistermoon
    I was there! Didn't win the money either...but I graduated in May, passed my N-Clex on 7/7, and I'm starting an internship on 8/7 at a psych hospital who had a rep at the symposium ... so I'm very glad my professors highly recommended the day, "just for the experience of being in a professional setting with other job candidates". So I guess I won, after all !!
  4. by   nursingwon01
    I am planning to attend the Fall symposium. I am an LPN and I think this is a great source for CEU's, especially for the asking price of $l0 for the day. The programs are informal and great opportunities to brush up in rusty areas or nursing areas you wonder about. The morning speaker is usually very entertaining. The vendors are interested in just about everyone and they give out some very useful trinkets. There is usually someone there to help with your resume, and a vendor who gives out bottled water or coffee. All free. Take a nursing buddy. You will enjoy the day. Get there early because parking can be limited.
  5. by   kukukajoo
    anyone have any info on these events? I keep finding out about them afterwards!
  6. by   nursingwon01
    You can go to healthcarereview.com and get info. These are generally held in the winter in Danvers, MA - spring in Portland, ME - and fall in Manchester, NH. The next one is January 9th in Danvers, MA.