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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I graduated from UNH in 2007 with a BS degree in Health Management and Policy, when I went to interview I was deemed "unhireable" by many employers and was advised to return to school for my Masters in Nursing to gain the clinical side. Ultimately, I would like to work in the business field but it is true alot of positions most companies want RN's even if it is a business decision. My first pick is the DEMN program at UNH and I have been in contact with them and plan on attending the informational session next week. My fear is that I had to retake Microbiology and Anatomy because I did not recieve a B or better (both by a few points I could have died!) I am taking the summer session A&P bundle at UNH and plan on applying for September 1st. and they will look over my application due to the repeat of classes. My background is I that I have the BS in Health management , have been an LNA for over 5 years and currently work at a local hospital in clinical and business.

    Does anyone have advice for this program re: their application process, interview, are they really focused on the pre-req and look down on people that had to retake a class (I personnally find it hard to believe people get a B or better in one time)
    Thank you very much!
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  3. by   melmarie23
    I started the program in January. There is such a WIDE variety of students in my cohort and I think some of them had to retake those same classes. I am not sure if was because of the grades or if so much time had passed since they took them or what.

    My undergrad transcript was average. I failed organic chem and had to retake that. And my calculus grade was not that great. I know those are not pre-reqs for the DEMN program, but they had my transcript and it was there for all to see, you know?

    I think that if you do well when you re-take these courses your chance is of getting in is good. I think we have about 6ish UNH alumni in the program out of 24 overall students. They obviously like their alumni, so you definitely have that going for you!

    You have a strong background so dont discount that. Being a LNA is going to help you.

    I decided to apply on a whim. I was previously looking at schools in MA and decided to expand my search to NH because my husband (then fiance) ideally wanted to move back to NH. I was at Bunker Hill after class (good ole pre-reqs) and did a google search and UNH DEMN program popped up and I already had all the pre-reqs required. So I said, "why not?" I applied a week before the application was due. I heard back a month later wanting me to come in for an interview (so beginning of Oct...actually 2 days before my wedding...so glad I decided to pop on the internet and check my emails!) and I was acepted on Halloween. The process was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast!

    The faculty is really approachable and the interview went really well. But I also dont tend to get too nervous, psyched out over those sorts of things, so maybe it was just me.

    Anyways, long winded response later.....I think you should apply.
  4. by   cpike
    Thank you so much! Your response made me feel a little better. I am attending the information session tonight. I am looking at other schools as well but really am focusin on UNH because I already went to school there and its close to home. I was just getting so nervous that they are going to see I took Anatomy and Microbiology twice and be like "oh she cant handle the program" (maybe not knowing it was 3 points away from the required grade!) Would you mind me asking what the interview process is like and is the program intense, and overall do you feel its prepared you for the future? Again thank you
  5. by   melmarie23
    The interview was quick! It maybe lasted about 20mins? I got there and one of the faculty greeted me and gave me a case scenario to look over before going in. I was like "HUH?!" and sorts freaked out a bit but then I read it and jotted down some notes as to what I thought the logical thing to do was and went with it. They asked me about it at the end of the interview and said that they were very impressed with my answer. As far as the rest of the interview they asked why I wanted to go into nursing, what I new of the CNL position and why I thought it might be a good fit for me. They asked what I did in between graduating with my undergrad and now (I was working down in Cambridge in a genetics lab). And they commented on my pre-reqs and said I did a great job in them. I think that they were more interested in the pre-reqs than your overall transcript, so if you do well in them this second go around, I think you are fine.

    How intensive is the program? Well...I am torn really. Some people think its TONS of work, but I think its do-able and I still have free time. I think it really depends on the individual, how you work/study and manage your time. Some of my fellow students have kids and I know that takes a lot of their free time, and cuts into their school work, but it really is about time management and how well you are are juggling what you need to do. Is it impossible? No way. Is it challenging, sure, but its nothing that anyone cant handle, IMO.

    It is LOTs of papers though, especially this first semester. I cant speak of the upcoming semesters, but man, I am papered out right now! And I am currently finishing up a power point that I need to print out and put into a poster. I have to go to campus tomorrow and present it. But after that I have 2 glorious weeks off and am looking forward to it. :wink2:
  6. by   cpike
    Thank you! THat is what my bosses were telling me that I tend to put too much on my plate but I always worked full time and went to school full time and did fine so ok yeah I'm focusing on getting the B in A&P I/II this summer at UNH and then apply, I'm looking forward to this info. session to see if I gain more knowledge about the program and weigh all my options. THank you for your advice and Good Luck on your presentation
  7. by   melmarie23
    thank you and good luck to you as well!
  8. by   cpike
    Sorry one more questions I went to the info. session and ound it helpful but when I asked about working they looked at me like I had 5 heads! When looking at the program even the 2 year yes you are taking 19 credits your first semester but 2 classes are online and 2 days you are totally on cmapus all day so you do have some free time just was wondering if you or other girls worked at least a little bit during school. Thanks again
  9. by   melmarie23
    There are students who work a couple days a week, some even with two part time jobs. I personally quit working (and man did that suck giving up that money), and I do find some downtime where I wish I were still working at times, but for me, quitting my job was necessary.

    Did you have a student panel there? IMO, they really kinda freaked us all out at first.......they made it sound WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY worse than it actually is. I promise you, its do able.

    I just finished that 19 credit semester. I was on camps 3 days a week. Monday and Tuesday I had off. If they schedule it any bit like this next spring, then IMO, you can totally work those two days.

    Basically what it comes down to is how well you are at managing your own time. If you think you can still hold down a part time job, then try it. You can always quit if it gets to be too much.
  10. by   stellina615
    Hi guys!

    I realize that this post was last updated about a year ago, but I'm wondering if either of you (or anyone else) have further thoughts or opinions on the graduate nursing program at UNH. I'm thinking about starting there in 2011. Thanks a bunch!
  11. by   kgm117

    Can anyone offer information regarding what the class schedule tends to be like for the Direct Entry Masters Program? What does the first year look in terms of frequency of classes, clinicals, etc?

    I am hoping to hear back from UNH by the end of this month and was wondering if anyone could provide more information on this.

    Also, has anyone who has been through this program also done their Post Masters certificate?

    Thank you!