St. Joseph's School of Nursing LPN 2010

  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm starting the LPN program at St. Joseph's School of Nursing in Nashua this fall! I noticed a few threads about the school on here from people looking into the school as well as students of the school. I'm interested to see if there are anymore students on here or anyone else starting the LPN program when I am?

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  3. by   Kelly9405
    Me! I'm also starting at St. Joe's this fall. Very excited Did you get all of your books yet?
  4. by   missingunc
    Im going into the senior year for LPN. Its a good school, small, which allows you to quickly get comfortable with the teachers and get to know everyone.
    Good Luck!!
  5. by   Kelly9405
    I'm glad you've had a good experience so far. Good luck going into your senior year!
  6. by   Sjsmith92
    Yes i've gotten all my books, i ordered most of mine of amazon. how about you? I'm also very excited but i'm also pretty nervous.. haha
  7. by   Kelly9405
    I just ordered my books for 1st semester, I got them on Amazon too. I'm a little nervous, too, because it's coming up so quickly!

    We don't need to bring anything to orientation, right? I think it just said bring a notebook & pen.
  8. by   Sjsmith92
    Yeah I meant all my books for 1st semester but I know it came so quickly it starts in 2 weeks!

    Yeah thats all we have to bring and a Birth Certificate if you didn't already show it to them. I didn't stay for the tour after the TEAS exam so I'm going to be so lost on the first day!
  9. by   Kelly9405
    You'll be fine!! I'm sure there will be a lot of people there so just follow the crowd
  10. by   Sjsmith92
    Yeah, thats true!
  11. by   bluemorningglory
    I am applying for next the school difficult to get into? Also, do they take prior coursework?
  12. by   missingunc
    They will take prior credits. Just have your transcripts, it has to be within a certain amount of time too ( 5 years) that you have taken those course that you wanted credit for.
  13. by   Sjsmith92
    No it's not too difficult. Just make sure you study for the teas exam so you can get in and yes they take credit transfers if you send in a transcript from the school
  14. by   Sjsmith92
    How do you like the program the school offers? I've talked to some people and they said that they really enjoyed it. The nurse who actually gave me my mantoux test for school graduated from St. Joe's