So...Now that I am accepted..

  1. I am FREAKING OUT! I am so nervous! I know that NHTI has an intense program. I am going tospend the next months working some of this weight off and get ready for a difficult couple of years.

    Anyone attending NHTI that can give me some advice?
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Hi Jamie Sue, CONGRATS

    I am a current NHTI nursing student and about to graduate in May. :hatparty:

    Here is my advise:

    1) Know your math (be able to calculate drug dosages). You can PM if you want my drug math book, cause I am done with it.

    2) Bye a 2" binder ( you will need one for each semester) because there are lots of notes.

    3) Know your math: drug calc tests are pass or fail and failing is getting below a 90% on a 20 question test. you will have three tries each semester.

    4) Show up early when they have the group registration other wise you will be there all day. I was there until about 3pm the day i registered.

    5) Know your math

    6) Bye a couple of folders for your "clinical portfolio" which is you clinical clearence and other things like care plans.

    7) Enjoy your summer off becuase the actuall program is A LOT of work, so much that it could be overwhelming at times. Relax, do not study during the summer, unless you absolutely have too

    8) know your math

    9) Make sure you have had a physical within the last year and your immunizations are up to date otherwise the health center will not sign your clinical clearance which means that you cannot go to clinical.

    10) Know your math

    11) If you are not good at organization, learn to be because to keep up with all the papers and projects you will need that. It is the only thing that kept me sane.

    12) you guessed it.. know your math

    13) Go to clinicals organized, and get organized the night before, as rushing around before clinical is no good. Be prepared to talk about you patient and what your plans will be for the day.

    14) If you can afford a lap top or PDA purchase one or both, they are very handy to have for lecture and clinical (the PDA).

    15) Go to BJ's and buy kleenex in bulk, you will need them, trust me. Nursing school can be an emotional roler coaster at times and it is normal to cry at least once a semester.

    16) If you still have gen ed classes to take, take them over the summer and during spring and winter breaks. It is almost impossible to take the simultaniously with nursing classes, unless you do nt have to work and no family to take care of.

    17) most imporantly show up with the motivation and willingness to learn.

    Let me know ifyou have any specific questions, and ifyou want the math workbook just PM me.

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  4. by   DoGood2u
    Sw - Are you trying to say we need to know our math well for NHTI

    I heard that the Math for Allied Health is easy. Did you take that one?
    Did it prepare you for nursing? Would another math be better?

    THanks for all the tips. They are great.
  5. by   Jamie-Sue
    I've actually talked to swtooth a few times via e-mail about the program and she told me that math for allied health does not really prepare you for what you need to know. You can buy a math book to study from over the summer that will prepare you.
  6. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Like Jamie-Sue said, no the math for allied health does not prepare you well for nursing math. As a matter of fact my true oppinion on that class is that it is a total waste of time!


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