New graduate wages

  1. Hello everyone. I'm in my second semester of an ADN program in NH and I'm wondering what the current wages are for new graduates. I overheard some classmates saying that certain hospitals pay $29/hour for the day shift, but I don't know if that's common or if it's unique to those hospitals.

    I don't know what area of nursing I want to get into once I graduate--right now I'm just keeping an open mind, learning all that I can, and hoping I can pass the NCLEX/find a job after graduation.

    Most of the threads I found about wages here on AN were old, so I'm hoping to get some more recent information.

    Thank you very much!
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  3. by   ievent2
    Hi Lovesbunnies, I can say that the figure you heard, $29/hour for a brand new grad is a little steep. Fresh out of school I was making $25/hr as a psych nurse, but that included hazard pay, and I had no health insurance. I then moved to a SNF and made $24/hr which included shift differential for nights. Currently, I'm at an acute care facility and am making $26/hr which includes night shift differential as well as charge nurse differential, with 2 years experience as an RN, and 8 years as an EMT.
  4. by   lovesbunnies
    Thank you for your reply, ievent2! I thought $29/hour for a new grad seemed a little unlikely. What hours do you work for the night shift?
  5. by   ievent2
    Lovesbunnies, I work 2245 - 0715, 32 hours/week
  6. by   twiddlywinks
    I'm a new grad in KS. It's 23, plus $4 night diff and $2 weekend diff.