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I am attending NHCTC-Laconia as a first year student. We have 15 in our class and so far it has been great!! we split up for labs and clinicals so we have a real small ratio and great... Read More

  1. by   AnnieOaklyRN

    It is a good feeling, but my anxiety has also increased a little. You know the instructors are expecting more out of you and will put up with less, and you also know that getting kicked out is far worse when you are this far along and have already invested so much ! I am just looking forward to winter break and being able to relax briefly! I am also look forward to may as well if i survive . Keep your chin up it does go by pretty fast!

  2. by   LilyNHRN
    I agree Swtooth, the anxiety leve is up a lot. The instructors expect you to be a nurse and it the floor running. We also have only one day lecture which makes for a long day but also a lot of information to take in. May is coming quickly though.
  3. by   kukukajoo
    Keep your eye on the prize and keep me posted as to how you both are doing! And thanks for being there for me- it really helps!

    We start our first hospital rotation next week and that should be interesting!! I wish we could bring stuff home to practice with like injections and all that.

    I got a B first 8 weeks but desperately want an A this term so I need to get more into a routine with everything. I feel like I am learning but scared I am not learning enough sometimes.

    Did anyone you know work as a GPN after first year? I am thinking of looking into that for the summer as well as maybe doing an externship program at a hospital.
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  4. by   LilyNHRN
    I worked as a GPN all summer and then took my boards so I am working as a LPN. The experience was invaluable and has helped so much with the clinical experience this year. I highly recommend it.