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hey...just wondering if anyone here had applied to either the manchester campus or stratham one? We can wait in misery together! :lol2:... Read More

  1. by   roxxy3773
    Alright, couldn't wait any longer so I emailed them to see if they would tell me....I found out that I am #4 on the waitlist. She said they take 25 and they worked through most of it last year so that is a good sign for all of us waiting.
  2. by   GottaGetIn
    Good job Roxxy!!!! Which is your first choice?
  3. by   roxxy3773
    Thanks GottaGetIn! I'm on the fence. I really wish I could go to all the orientations and get a feel for it, but I don't think that is going to happen. Concord is probably my last choice because it is the furthest for me, but I am not ruling it out. Manchester and Stratham are about the same driving time for me, but Stratham is closer mileage wise. I have friends that live in Manchester so it would be good if I need to stay overnight....but I just don't know!! can you tell I am often not a very good decision maker??!! :roll
  4. by   patientone
    Roxxy-I'm shocked you were wait listed with such a good NLN score! When I went for three "informational" meetings (the 2nd was one on one/first and last were general) I was advised of the 20 points for A&P I&II. However, I guess I did not understand how much I would need it to get in. If I understood a good NLN score would not help, I would have made sure A&P I was my first class LAST spring. Oh well-nothing we can do now. At least you have a school to fall back on. I only applied to Stratham as I have 3 young children and I needed to be so close for babysitting issues. Hopefully this will not be the year they end at #17 on the wait list-that would be my luck!
  5. by   roxxy3773
    I have to say, if you and Jamie-Sue did not post that you were waitlisted first, I probably would have been a bit surprised by being waitlisted. I thought the NLN score was a big factor...but you did great on the NLN too and we are in the same situation with classes, so I really knew that I would be somewhere on that waitlist.
    Juggling the responsibilities of children definitely makes it much more complicated, I REALLY hope they make it through the waitlist and you get in. The person I emailed in admissions said that she would know more in two weeks when people either paid their deposit to hold their spot or they didn't, so I guess we will know more then, I'll let you know if I hear anything. I wonder if that means that the letters went out two weeks earlier if you got in right off the bat, I know Concord gave me a 30 day window to get back to them. Oh well, let's stay positive!!
  6. by   patientone
    Roxxy-If I remember correctly (which is not often...) the people in my Micro class got their letters and only had about 2 weeks to send a deposit so I think they went out around the same time. I have not heard of anyone who is in for this year. I will also keep you posted if I hear any news.
  7. by   roxxy3773
    I'm sure you are right, all the community colleges have their own rules and they all seem to be very different when it comes to them. Two weeks is better for those of us on the waitlist, at least we will know something sooner than later!
  8. by   DoGood2u
    I was waitlisted at Stratham - #6 - but gave it up because I'm going to NHTI.
    Jamie-Sue - I guess that means you're bumped up one! Good Luck!

    I think the NLN score must count for quite a bit because I don't have Micro and I'm not quite done A&P II. My NLN was 147.
  9. by   Jamie-Sue
    I actually got a call from manchester and Laconia yesterday.....I got a spot at both places now. So I have a spot at NHTI, Laconia, Manchester and Rivier!! I have no idea what to do~!
  10. by   tamsue
    Hello Everyone!

    It sounds like many of us are in the same boat. I've been accepted to Concord, Stratham, and Manchester. Where is the best place to go? From
    anyone who is already in the program, have you heard anything good or bad
    about any of the programs? I've ruled out Concord, since it's just a bit too
    far away. I'm torn between Stratham and Manchester. Any advice from
    anyone? I'm 46 years old; can anyone tell me if I'll be a "dinosaur" in either
    program??? Thanks to anyone for whatever advice you can give!!!

    Now that I'm accepted, I'm scared all over again!!!!
    Hope I can do this!!!!

  11. by   roxxy3773
    I am really torn too! Concord is a bit far for me but I have heard really great things about it so I haven't ruled it out. They have also been really friendly and helpful so far with my issues, like being all the way in HI The classes are a bit bigger though so I am not sure if I would like that. I heard from someone awhile back that Manchester was a bit disorganized, but that has probably changed. I have liked the people I have spoken to at Stratham so far, but I am still on the waitlist there so I have to wait to see if I get moved up. I just don't know! One of my friends has a friend that is in the Nashua program and her sister-in-law graduated from NHTI so I have her asking them about what they think about the various programs. I have PMed a NHTI student and she was really happy with NHTI and has not heard anything negative about Stratham and geesh...what to do what to do!!
    I'll let you know if I hear any pros/cons either way though!
  12. by   roxxy3773
    Tammy- did you get accepted to Stratham right off the bat? It seems like everyone was waitlisted, so congrats!
  13. by   Jamie-Sue
    My first choice is Stratham! But I am waitlisted...figures the one school I want to goto I get waitlisted for I'm thinking I am going to go with Rivier...I was accepted to the bachelors degree program. I talked to one of the women at admissions there and she said if I was to goto a different school and then goto riv to get my bachelors, it is just as hard to get into the bachelors! So If I goto riv I just keep going on until I get my bachelors!