Anyone taking summer courses at NHCTC laconia

  1. Just wondering if there is anyone who will be taking the A&P I or Chem class starting this week at NHCTC-Laconia.
    I'm signed up for both classes that start this week, tonight actually.
    I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

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  3. by   mmeserve
    Hi Cardigan. This is Matt. I'm in both of those classes. In addition, I'm taking Intro to Psych and Ethical Issues. Busy summer!
  4. by   Cardigan2
    Hi Mat,

    Are you taking A&P and Chem on Tues & Thurs evenings? If so, you're in my class...
    You have quite a load this summer huh? Wow! I thought my two classes were enough. A&P is somewhat demanding with all the information we need to learn..

    Are you going into nursing?

  5. by   mmeserve
    Yes, I'm in those classes Tuesday and Thursday. It is a heavy load right now. I'm going a little nutty. I'm especially having a hard time in chem. Weighing stuff every night and talking Sig Figs is making my eyes glaze over! Two of my classes are done in 3 weeks so that will help! Yeah, I'm hoping to get into to nursing. You as well? I noticed(you must be one of them) that their are two woman in my Chem and A&P. We should all join forces. I don't know how you feel, but I need every bit of help I can get.
  6. by   Cardigan2
    Goodluck with your course load!
    I'm taking these two courses and an LNA program on Sat. & Sun.. I'm done the LNA stuff this weekend (State Board Exam) so I will be able to truly focus on these two classes.

    We should exchange email addresses at least. I could use a little help with the chemistry, actually just the density lab from last class (the analysis chart). I'll be showing up to class early on Thursday to ask the instructor questions to help me complete it...I'm kind of lost for some reason.

    In A&P, I sit in the front row..(if your facing the front of the class)...I'm in the last seat on the left.

    I wonder if you are the one who sits almost directly behind me.???