Any current or fomer rivier students?

  1. Hi all,
    I am going to be transfering into the nursing program at Riv and will be starting clinicals Fall 08:spin:. I was wondering how other students liked it and about any tips you can give me. I have struggled alot to get to this point, and I know nursing schools will be very difficult for me.
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  3. by   Jw1724
    Hey there

    I'm in the BSN program right now, 2nd year, I'm almost done my first rotation of clinicals. Overall, I love the program. All the instructors are really devoted to their students and making you the best you can be. My only complaint has been their reliance on the internet. You learn your skills through an online site that has videos and then go to lab and practice. It's very overwhelming at first because you feel like you aren't getting a true instruction. But after awhile, it clicks.

    As far as clinicals- I've loved them. Nervewrecking obviously but makes everything you're learning totally worth it. I'm at Lowell General Hospital. Other sites are SNHMC, Elliot, Concord, Saints Memorial (Lowell), CMC, Manchester VA, and I think a few others.

    Let me know on any questions!
  4. by   Mallory1987

    I am actually doing the same thing as you! Transfering in and starting clinicals in the fall! I am so excited, AND NERVOUS!! Maybe we can be study partners!!
  5. by   Animal3
    How hard is it to get into the program at Rivier??? I am currently on the waiting list at Manch tech but I want to keep my options open, anyone know the requirements to get into Rivier???
  6. by   Mallory1987
    I applied around this time last year, and got put on the waiting list for nursing. They have a pretty good system for their waitlist. They have about 100 - 120 seats I think it is. Once those are all filled up, the rest of the students who didnt make it in for that year have a spot for the next year. So instead of starting Fall 07, I started Fall 08. It wasnt bad because in that year I took all the gen ed courses I could do get those out of the way.

    Good luck on getting in!
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  8. by   1MOM2RN
    i think you will really enjoy rivier. i am graduating (adn) in a few weeks and have really liked the program (though not the tuition). i have to agree with the previous poster who said that the instructors really want to see you succeed. i have felt that way, as well.

    as for preparing for the nclex-rn, starting this year, you are required to take a hesi exit exam in your final semester, and attain a certain score to pass the class. you have several tries to make this score. once you have achieved that, the assumption is that you are ready to sit for the boards. now, i passed the first try, and i still intend to keep studying for the boards, but it's nice to know that i'm considered ready. many students hate this step, but i find it helpful knowing that i'm prepared.