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New guy

Hi everyone,

I figured I would introduce myself. Names Clark, I am a hopeful nursing student trying to get in anywhere I can for a ADN or a BSN. Or even a LPN bridge program. I'm from IL, and going to SIUE. I didn't get in this year, but its not the end of the world for me. Thing is, I have a good job. I build race cars actually. Started doing it after I got a job on the weekends at my uncle's shop in CA when I was an active duty United States Marine. 01-05.

I could do this, but the old shoulders, elbows, and hands wont do it forever. And I really want to be a nurse someday. Admittedly, I am very bad at english and my "C" grades dragged my average down, or I would have gotten in this year. Since they do stuff funny here and only look at certain classes.

But anyways, just wanted to say hi. And I know I'll get there eventually, just retake some stuff if need be and such. Good knowing you all and I dig the fact theres a forum for the dudes here. :yeah:

Hey Clark - Welcome. I'm starting an ADN program in August after a two year wait, so try not to stress too much over the fact that you didn't get in this year (and it doesn't sound like you are stressing).

As for the academic concerns you have, if you have time you should consider taking a refresher course in English at your local community college. You could even audit the course so you don't have to worry about the grade influencing your GPA. The other area you might want to take a refresher course in is basic college algebra if you're weak in math, as you'll need to calculate drug dosages. It's not rocket science, but from what I understand from other nursing students, it's good to be really comfortable with basic algebra for figuring out drug dosages.

You'll do fine, man. If you can build race cars, you're pretty brilliant if you ask me. Good luck!


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And your 3 days on/ 4 days off per week nursing schedule will allow you lots of time to tool around in the garage on your time off!!


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Welcome here Clark. Good luck w/ nursing school. You've definitely come to the right place for advice. The guys, and gals, on here are excellent resources. Pick their brains!

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