New Graduate should stay away from Home Health care?


I'm a new LPN grad, no previous experiences except clinical experiences in school. My instructor told us that we should NOT do home health care until we have at least two years experiences (in LTC ) under our belt. Her rational is that you'll be on your own if you do home health care.

There are a lot of home health care positions open in my area. I'd like your opinion. Should a new grad stay away from home health care area? thanks.


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A new grad should stay away from Medicare intermittent visits but may do well in extended care cases, aka shift work, if provided with a good orientation and assistance available by phone at all times.


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New grads have succeeded in extended care with good orientation and good support. The work is supposed to be routine care for stable patients, which is why it is deemed LPN level care to begin with. Good attention from the nursing supervisor when you start and good attention from the supervisor when you have questions, will allow the new nurse to gain confidence as time goes on. Furthermore, the client's family is often very adept at their care and willing to take the effort to teach the nurse who is new to the case.


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There are 3 LPNs that work for us. 1 has only done HH, the other 2 have done SNF and/or hospitals. The latter are much better critical thinkers (yes, even as LPNs-because they HAVE to be when they fly solo). The one who has only done HH is a task master, and overlooks things that aren't on her "to do" list, to the patient's detriment, regularly, unfortunately. LPNs I worked with the hospital were extremely capable of safely converting to HH. I don't think you need to wait 2 years, but I would start out in a more acute setting, for sure. And I agree that with the right support, you could be a success-but how do you make sure you will have that when you first accept the position?

Good luck to you. I am sure you will make a great choice. HH will always need you, no rush.


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I am LPN and I started out and still am in Home Health. I knew this was going to be difficult with the lack of direct support in the field, but I am confident in my nursing skills (this is my second career). I do extended care with pediatric patients. The reason I chose this route instead of a LTC facility is because of my strong desire to A. not work in geriatrics B. work with pediatrics. It has worked out well for me and it can be done. I think it is important to assess your personality - will working by yourself with little management be a good fit for you? Or do you need more guidance than that?