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Hi there! As it says in the title, I'm a new graduate nurse moving to the DFW area. I'm trying to make a list of applications to look out for but I'm not familiar with the hospitals in the area. It looks like there aren't many places that accept new grads, so I was looking at applying for a residency program. I imagine I'm too late for all the Winter 2021 residencies. Could anybody give me more information on any Spring/Summer programs? Thank you so much!

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DFW hospitals only hire new grads via residencies/internships. You will not find one that hires directly to the floor, generally speaking. They are about to start the Winter cohorts, so you are correct that you will need to apply for the Summer cohorts. 

In general you will start to see these on the hospital websites anywhere from February to April/May. It's a tough market in DFW for new grads who want to go into acute care, with more new grads than there are openings. Be prepared for that. A lot of people move here with no connections and then are shocked when they can't find work. Hopefully you are waiting to move until you actually have a job, if acute care is where your heart is set. If you are willing to work outside of a hospital you will find more options.

I agree with the above poster. Make note of each hospital system's requirements and opening dates NOW so you can start on essays, cover letters, etc. To the best of my knowledge, I believe there is Medical City, Texas Health Resources, Methodist Health System, Baylor Scott & White, Parkland (their trauma/critical care one only opens up once a year in the Summer if you're interested), and UT Southwestern. Texas Oncology has a residency program for its outpatient clinics. For peds, Cook Children's and Children's Health System. Med City is always looking to hire so check out their new grad residency facebook group. There's FB groups under almost each hospital. Good luck!

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JPS (John Peter Smith Hospital) also has residencies available in Fort Worth.