new grads having time finding jobs?


anyone else having a hard time finding a job?! I've been applying for months with only two call backs (first one I really didn't like, and the second I just got a letter today saying they chose someone else). I've given up on finding the "perfect" first nurse job, and I'll settle for any job that I think I can last for a year. I find that places call me, I return their calls, and they never call again. And I call and go there, and still nothing. It's really frustrating. I've applied to every state around me, but I think I've missed the new grad programs for july/aug.

Would it hurt me to wait till December? :o


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When did you graduate? I just passed NCLEX and I was really worried before that I wasn't getting call backs. i thought the earlier the better. I have a great job I start next week.

But- I've just this week started getting call backs from jobs I applied to in early May. Maybe just be patient?


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I took my boards about two weeks ago... and I have been hoping now that I've passed I may hear something.. I know a lot of other people in the same boat as me here in the northeast.. so who knows..


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I am also a spring 2007 and I just passed the NCLEX. As of yesterday, I have formally applied at 5 area hospitals. I was told at one that they don't hire new grads :o I hope I don't encounter that message at the other places. Luckily for me there is no rush, so I will sit and wait for the phone to ring. If I don't here something within 6 weeks or so, I will start calling my various contacts at the local hospitals.


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Hi there.. As i read your posts.. well it makes me feel worried about myself.. im still a graduating student and hoping that i could find a job after i pass the board exam..

wish us luck..

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If you are having a hard time landing a spot at a hospital try for positions at LTC facilities or community clinics. Then when the new grad programs start up again in December you can try for that again. Or, try to see if there are any spots in teaching hospitals for new grads.

Remember, working at a hospital isn't your only choice...tho it can be hard to get in when you are new and that "new grad" hiring period is over.

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