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New grads, there are jobs out there!

Red Kryptonite Red Kryptonite (Member)

Red Kryptonite specializes in hospice.

A friend of mine, who just finished earning her associate's degree and is a new RN, announced today that she landed a new grad position in a hospital OB unit. She left the saturated metro area and went to school in a more rural area (to escape the waiting lists), and also landed her job in a smaller city.

There ARE jobs out there, you just might have to get away from the big cities.

SoaringOwl specializes in Med-Surg and Neuro.

Agreed! You may have to move, but they are there. I landed 2 out of my 3 interviews! :singing:

I started looking at this board in 2008 or so. I read about how it's oh-so-impossible to get a job as a new grad. It discouraged me a bit, but I took the jump anyway, and I was hired 2 months after graduation in a great hospital where I didn't even do clinicals or have any networking connections in! It is possible! If you guys want a challenge, try getting a job teaching elementary school, PE, art, music, social studies, or English. Now that's practically impossible!


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