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New Grads in ER?

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Hi everyone,

My situation is boiling down to this: I'm about to graduate from an RN program. The hospital where I want to work doesn't have ANY openings on dayshift, and I have to have dayshift due to personal reasons. The only openings they have to apply for is ER. While I have thought that I'd eventually like to experience ER nursing, I never thought about it being as a new grad. I know new grads DO go into ER, but is it wise? Some of my instructors have made comments that seem to say that it's hard to get properly trained in ER due to the fast paced nature it can take on. Although, they could just be saying that because they are told by administration to push for us to go into med-surg first, which I think is good idea due to the need for building skills. So my main questions are: Does anyone know what it's like to be a new grad in ER? Is it a bad idea? Or is it just like any other area? Thank you so much for your input!

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There are a ton of thoughts on this subject in the Emergency Nursing forums.

I'd say for the most part, many folks feel like if there's a good training program in place, a new grad can be very successful in the ER!

Good luck!!


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I just got a job offer for an ED job, and I plan to take it. I did a preceptorship on this unit and feel that the training is great and it is a supportive staff and I think I will do fine. I think it all depends on the training and the hospital.

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