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New Grad, not yet licensed with interview. HELP!


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Ok, so I applied to an LPN position and they contacted me for an interview. I literally JUST finished my LPN program and have not yet taken boards, although I have already registered and plan to take RIGHT AWAY. I wasn't expecting to hear back from anywhere I applied so soon. I am afraid I will tell them I am not yet licensed and will think I'm crazy for even applying and waisting their time.

I'm also freaking out about this being my first interview for a nursing position. I don't know what to expect. Any advice would be great!!

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

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If they read your application or your resume, they know that you are unlicensed. So don't worry about them finding out because as long as you were honest on your application, they know you haven't taken boards yet. Just be prepared to explain what steps you have taken toward taking boards and when you expect to sit for them.

It's uncommon these days, but depending on where you live it's not abnormal to be called for an interview before you are licensed. I was conditionally hired for an RN position three months before I was able to start. Some facilities even let you start working before you get your license.

Regarding your interview: There are thousands of threads on here about interview tips. Search for them and you will get lots of good advice.

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I was offered a position before I took boards. It happens and like she said above, I think they know you just graduated. I wasn't even asked questions about nursing experience during my interview because they knew I didn't have any besides clinical. They actually asked questions about what I liked and disliked about my clinical experiences. XD

You'll do fine. Don't fret. Good luck!

I graduated May 2011 and had an interview a week after graduation. The nurse manager said that she quickly looked over my resume/cover letter and did not realize that I wasn't licensed. She apologized for wasting my time but it's their policy to not interview without a license. We ended up just talking about the hospital/EBP/random topics. She gave me her card and told me to call her when I'm licensed to sched another interview....


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everything went well in my interview! They had me go ahead and do the drug screen and told me I should hear by Tuesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed!! Oh, and they do hire new grads!


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