New grad working LTC needs help, please.


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I'm starting to dread going in to work. I don't think being in charge as a new grad is a good thing. If I worked with another RN that I could bounce things off here and there, I think I would be a much better nurse. And I'd be learning. Being by myself is scary and I don't feel like i'm learning. And the nurse who relieves me on the next shift has completely forgotten what its like to be new and gives me a hard time a lot. Sorry for venting. I really am grateful to have a job - - the new grad job market is brutal here in NY/NJ.

Any suggestions?

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talk to you DON about how you feel. This person ought to know that unhappy employees leave as quick as possible.

first of all congratulation for your new job, at least you have ajob.

in massachusets its very hard to get a job specially for new grad.

ya, u can talk with your charge nurse or DON may be they can help you, deal u as a new grad.


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I know how you feel. It's a tough situation to be in. Do your best, ask questions, and be confident. Don't second guess yourself. You will be fine.


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I completely understand how you feel. I was also in a similar situation as you in an LTC facility and was left by myself. I spoke to the DON about my concerns, but nothing changed. I ended up having to leave after a month, because the working conditions were so unsafe. Thankfully, I already had 2 job offers waiting for me. I would also suggest speaking with your DON and I hope things get better for you. Also, continue your job search. :) Good luck!


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Thank you everyone for the suggestions and encouragement!